Temple Lighthouse

Memorial to those killed in the waters, the heart and soul which is the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra is located in the village Malorechenskoye. This snowy slender building rising above the ground at 65 m, can be seen from afar – candle church is easily visible even from Alushta waterfront. The temple, like a magnet, immediately attracts attention, and the nearer to him, the stronger the attraction effect. On reaching the temple itself, stops and mute admiration admire its unusual and elegant architecture, great, expertly executed with mosaic panels, gilded arches, domes, cornices, never before-seen decorative ornaments – everything is done with great taste, all in proportion and to place all the masterpiece … Now without the temple and the entire memorial is impossible to south-eastern Crimea – a card of the region, which, together with the Swallow's Nest, Bear Mountain, Golden Gate, symbol of the entire resort peninsula.

I can not believe that only recently – in 2004. there was an empty place … It all started so … In the early 2000s, rural Malorechenskoye head hit on the idea to build a villagers for a decent church. The search failed patron – the idea of a Russian businessman interested, philanthropist, Doctor of Economics Alexander Lebedev and his colleagues. The idea of memorial, thematically related Sea, which would be at the heart of the church-lighthouse, project development, sketches of the iconostasis of the temple, murals, mosaics belong to Kiev muralist AV Gaydamak. In record time, all were carried out design: the design was started 07/01/2004 and 23/10/2004 have already started construction.