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Eastern Europe

In Uzhhgorod, you can conveniently at the hotel and tourist complex Intourist-Zakarpatye stay, which not only comfortable room but offers also many offers for tours. Spring in Kiev Kiev is similar to a wedding in May. The white dress gives this city the blossoming chestnuts and the golden dome of the churches shine in the Sun like the precious gems. Kiev will enchant you with the aristocratic beauty. You can walk through the ‘upper town’ here for hours. The old Kiev (Golden Gate, Church and monastery, monument for the 1932-33 famine dead) impresses with the majestic beauty. Podil (lower town) was the Jewish quarter, and you can see here the St.

Andrew Church, House of the writer Michail Bulgakow, Kaufhof and House of Tsar Peter I. Enjoy a cup of coffee and delicious cakes on the hillside of Andreas, called also Kyiv Montmartre. A Dnipro cruise should not be missing in the program. There are many impressive sights in Kiev, Pechersk Lavra with Maria Cathedral is one of them. Kiev was destroyed during the second world war to a large extent, but many churches and old buildings have survived the bombing, and the blend of old Slavic architecture and Soviet modernism makes this city one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe. Cheap and Nice hostel is in Kiev also does not lack. Hostelsclub recommends hostel Kiev lodging hostel, DEAM hostel and Salve. Spring is spring in the “city of lions” colorful and cheerful.

Lviv is a city of festivals. This is also the multicultural city, in which the Polish, Austrian, German, Soviet and Ukrainian rule makers have shaped urban landscape. Old town of Lviv belongs to the UNESCO world cultural heritage. But there are also many Andre attractions, such as Chapel of Boim family or St. George’s Cathedral. Rynok (market square) is the heart of this city, here there are many nice cafes and restaurants where you eat tasty lunch or resting in the coffee. You can visit also the Renaissance town ovkva/Zolkiev (25 km from Lviv). This city was designed by the Italian architect Cataneo as “Ideal town” planned and kept still many sights. Many hostels in Lviv, as E.g. MisterHostel Lviv organize trips to Chernobyl. After the 25 years after the disaster, you can visit the restricted area. Here attention to safety, the rules must be respected, once must not eat and smoke, objects touch, sit on the ground or turn off bags. Here you can experience the tragedy, admire beauty and sadness of the extinct city and better understand the danger of the nuclear power plant. Have a good trip!