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The Following

Analysis of these data will give you the following information: a) how much real money you can deduct the loan from the family budget, not tightening the belt ", and b) from any" little things "can be waived for a period of loan repayment. 2.Opredelivshis with the amount set priorities. What thing you need it now more often? Of course, you want all at once! But, alas … if only one thing, it's good. And if a lot of them, write down the name of each on a separate sheet of paper. 3.Obsudite the pros and cons of each item and be sure to write down all their arguments.

By the way, the more people will participate in the discussion, the better. Although … Every rule has exceptions. Try to bring the maximum number of arguments why it needs this thing. And so methodically, each written things. Take your time.

Consider the future. 4.Vzvesiv all the pros and cons, choose only one necessary thing. Think, and whether it is necessary to you right now? Or maybe it was still possible without it do for a while? Yes, of course, cool zaimet firmoveyshy refrigerator with a built-in screen door and control of frost in the freezer with a remote control and … But, if you are running an old refrigerator and break is not going to … maybe, well, it nafig? 5.Net, all the same, must take! Then, determine exactly with the consumer properties things. Try to do without a fashionable "chips" for which the most and take the big money.


The Russian elite has moved abroad. It has long been considered fashionable to receive medical treatment in European hospitals, rest in foreign resorts, the oldest universities to study in Europe. Business also became possible to transfer abroad. But in order to be able to spend so much time there, have encircled the real estate. One convenient for residents is property law in Germany.

Particularly important is the fact that Property in Germany can be purchased as a private as well as a legal entity. Commons Speaker addresses the importance of the matter here. Foreigners without limitation can acquire both residential and commercial real estate. Commercial property for sale in Berlin is made by rewriting the founders of the company, which calls for leaving the buyer in Berlin. A property firm and real estate in Germany – a way to get a first temporary residence permit in Germany, and then constant. Making your real estate purchase by foreigners in accordance with the laws of their country. For example, Russian legislation provides for pecuniary family community, in the absence of a marriage contract, indicating a separate property, the signature of the contract of sale should put both of the spouses. To deepen your understanding Crawford Lake Capital is the source. Certificate of separate property, should be translated and notarized. The system of mortgage lending in Germany is one developed in Europe and provides many ways to insurance risks in the loan repayment problems. The interest rate on mortgage loans in Germany formed the basis of current economic policy of the country, its history and functioning of the banking system as a whole.