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The ForestFinance

One commemorate environment day global forest destruction on the 21.Marz.2010 on the international day of the forest on March 21 since the 1970s of the global forest destruction. Nevertheless, this important environmental day in public is hardly known. His message should be the global forest destruction stop today than ever before: every year 20 million hectares of rainforest are destroyed worldwide, an area five times as large as the Switzerland. The day of the forest should be taken as occasion to counteract this dramatic development, and call for rain forest protection. Only German forests was discussed earlier in the day of the forest, now also the destruction of the rain forest is in the age of global change increasingly in the foreground. Because this has disastrous consequences for the environment, climate and biodiversity: approximately 20 percent of greenhouse gas emissions come alone from the destruction of the rain forest.

Also Germany is at fault for this. Was not implemented as the forest protection act, which ban trade of timber from illegal logging should. The day of the forest should be the occasion again to discuss this important law. While the German forest, large areas at the same time a hundred times like rain forest on the day of the forest. Global warming is to restrict only through an effective rain forest protection.

Forest investments to protect the rain forest to prevent the further destruction of the rainforest, the offers on forest investments specialized group ForestFinance its customers different ways to invest in eco-friendly tropical forest afforestation. More than 5,000 customers trust the forest investments by ForestFinance for example, the BaumSparVertrag. Is for 30 euros per month, a tropical tree planted, cultivated and harvested after 25 years. All surfaces are managed sustainably and in accordance with strict environmental and social criteria. The forecast yield is up to 9.5 percent. 2,900 euro ForestFinance investors with the WaldSparBuch can purchase 1,000 m2 of tropical forest and the proceeds of crawls and CO2 allowances benefit. Forest investments for climate and conservation of ForestFinance forest investment products benefited not only the investors, but also of the tropical rain forest. Because sustainable forest management takes the trade pressure from the surviving rain forests, because it will increase the supply of tropical wood. The forests of ForestFinance are species-rich tropical forests. Up to 50 different trees and plants make up a new forest permanently, because no clear-cutting is operated during the harvest after 25 years. The new forest meets important ecological functions such as water and soil conservation and serves as a Habitat for endangered animals and plants. The international day of the forest 2010 is similarly titled biodiversity”. The forests absorb in addition harmful greenhouse gases as CO2 storage. About ForestFinance: The ForestFinance specializes in forest investments group, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. Customers can choose between various products of sustainable tropical forest management choose. Through the reforestation, protected rain forests, CO2 for decades tied and newly created species-rich forests. Fire insurance, as well as five percent safety areas for all products of additional investors hedging contribute to.

Current Entrepreneurs

The Landesverband informed & grounds Rheinland: your own roof for energy use. This decision is always popular during the turn of the power, although many laws and regulations make this investment to a science. Intensive planning, the effort pays off. House & basic Rheinland informed about the most important provisions. The solar energy is used not only for local consumption. The surplus is fed into the public grid. Solar power generation thereby legally constitutes an entrepreneurial activity.

A business registration is typically, but not necessary. Because here the financial offices decide not uniform and there is commercial and not to finance, the local office will help here. Rejects the community such a business registration as bagatelle”that should be reported to the business directly with the competent tax office. The IRS treats the house owner as a trader. This caused many advantages but also some disadvantages. Must be a business registration, has This private consequences: consumer rights be partially restricted, a Chamber of Commerce registration is compulsory or in a later independent work programmes can no longer be used for entrepreneur.

Trade tax levied only, the system should generate a profit of more than 24,500 euros per year. Even in systems, this value is not achieved with excellence. Is 2011 a system ordered, but until 2012 installed, you can already this year 40 percent of the purchase price as an anticipated operating expense tax claimed, even though payment is made until 2012″, explains the Director of House & basic Rheinland, Erik Uwe Amaya. So, a loss that you can steuersparend charge arises under certain circumstances. However, this applies only if no more than 10 percent of the generated current is used in the first two years. The IRS only recognizes a business expense deduction. According to the renewable energies Act (EEG), the operator receives a statutory fixed feed tariff. This is set in the year of commissioning for 20 years. The remuneration rates for new installations are however further reduced in the coming years, so a quick decision is worth this money,”the Chairman of House & basic Rheinland, Prof. Dr. Peter explains Rasche. Tags in connection with the installation of the solar system on the roof can as operating expenses also are deductible, as the ongoing operating expenses (insurance, maintenance, interest, depreciation and amortization). The revenue from the power supply and also the captive as revenue must be entered in the return tax. Even in personal use of solar energy, to get money. In a plant size up to 30 kW without consumption obtained 28,74 CT / kWh 2011. For self use 30 percent electricity up to 12,36 CT / kWh, over 30 percent 16,74 CT / kWh. The purchase price for the photovoltaic system can be depreciated over 20 years spread.