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Technology Banking

The world around is changing fast – we live faster, but can not manage: we have to find time for a moment of thousands of daily affairs, to spend it on something like a leisurely sunny beach, traveling by train, play hide and seek with children. And while winning a competition at the current time can not be linear, we still have not quit the path of this. So the Internet and all Internet services will change rapidly, becoming more rich, comfortable and bright. Ticketing and New Year gifts online shopping, online banking for private clients, messages on electronic message boards, social networks – services continue to overcome our fears, save time and effort, give previously unavailable features. Services live in the same trend – they are more and more in line with the trends and style of Web 2.0 – they're all more personalized, they enable the user to change their focus, to complement their own service information and assessments. This means that Internet banks, such as a bright and useful service, will be required to change the style of web 2.0.

Of course, many banks are conservative, of course, there are special shade of the importance of service (You Do not Mess with the money, be careful with bank data, etc.), but, in fact, the operation of paying bills or sending loan applications to the Internet Bank – it is the same service as to sell unneeded Bike in a social network, or fill out a questionnaire online numismatists. A little more security such as one-time password or digital signature on the token with microprocessors and a set of actions on the Web and expectations of transactions – exactly the same. So do not delay the inevitable – the Internet banks, private offices of traders, front office banking systems, as well as other services on the Internet, will have to be Web 2.0 – more personalized, more functional, more vibrant and convenient interface. Such services should be targeted (like everything else in the coming era matured Y-generation) to the needs of end- user to become his personal financial page, do not store data on it, and its data (data that he needs and they were added). The good news – soon open a new web resource dedicated to contemporary Technology Banking, fresh ideas web 2.0 online banking -. com (www.bankweb20.

ru). Crawford Lake Capital has many thoughts on the issue. Currently, active work as above its design and functionality, as well as over the content. We are happy to share our ideas, we are pleased to make the world banking technologies and e-banking more modern and convenient – both users and banks. Development of resource. COM is described in our channel on Twitter. Find us easily – GEMINI Banking. We look forward to Connection to read our posts on Twitter. If you also have any ideas, comments, observations, then we are waiting for your suggestions in our group in LinkedIn – !

AutoComplete Accounts

Table header is formed, and you're ready for the introduction of formulas. You must enter only one line, and then multiply it AutoComplete. CEO Marks & Spencer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So, fill the cell fourth row of the table. Crawford Lake Capital describes an additional similar source. Enter the formula in cell A4 = TEXT (Shahmatka! A6; '00 '). In the cell will be inserted the account number from the first row shahmatki, and the number will look like 01, 02 and so on, rather than 1 or 2.

In order for the account number to determine its name, in cell B2 enter the formula = VLOOKUP (A4; 'Plan accounts'! $ A $ 3: $ B $ 63, 2). Taking account number from a cell A4, Excel will find the worksheet with the chart of accounts list, starting in cell A3 and ending in cell B63. If your chart of accounts list different size, put the right number with the last line number in list instead of 63, for example, $ B $ 55 or $ B $ 101. In finding the list of Excel will find the line in the first column is given an account number and will give the value of the second table cell, that is the name of the account. Keep in mind that for proper operation chart of accounts must be sorted in ascending order. If you entered successively all accounts, he had to be sorted. By the way, if you add auxiliary entries in the transaction log, which indicated the same account on debit and credit, do not you describe all the accounts listed in the chart of accounts, negotiable bill will be calculated incorrectly.