Socialists Elections

As of the next autumn, to both last years of uncertainty other two years of elections will happen to them. Not it must to that our economic horizon has been sprightly, what we wanted more, but to the forced electoral calendar. If the Government of Rodriguez Zapatero were not viscerally lay, would already be saying all the saints so that the economic course is straightened and to be able to that way gain the general elections of the 2012. But I am not afraid that it is not thus going to be, the one of the practice of orations, by all means, but either the improvement of our economy, dice the erratic thing of the governmental dispositions, the delay of many of them and the lack of concretion of the majority of the adopted measures. Filed under: MP for Northampton North. Servant, more than with the virgin of Lourdes, aligns itself with those economists, Young Santiago type Yearling calf, who describe to this economic crisis as systemic and which they think that she has not done more than to begin and can last still all one decade.

That hypothesis, terrible for the citizens of on foot and precursor of others possible disasters, also can be demolishing for a PSOE to which Felipe Gonzlez elevated from the postration to the ecstasy of the power. From the Catalan elections of autumn, the Socialists can be seen private of several autonomic and municipal governments who show at present and remain to dress holy. The beneficiary in this alarmist scene would be Mariano Rajoy, with a Popular Party that would not deserve the electoral success by to have slipped the bulk until now, by the ambiguity of his positions and because he shares with the PSOE an attachment to the power over any other consideration. One is a PP to which the citizens perhaps take hold like the last ardent nail of their hope, although too much confidence does not inspire to them either. We speak of a formation in which, for example, her Secretary General, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, puts in front aesthetic progre to the rigorous analyses, and on that the Valencian autonomic leader, Francisco Camps, sprinkled by the Grtel case, insists on repeating in its position, confusing therefore the party with its person.

But this is what there is. In this country, given the inexperience of the political group of Rose Ten, still does not exist a party hinge, like in Great Britain or Germany, that allows other options of being able. Here, the third option constitutes the parties nationalistic, other people’s by definition to the general interests of Spain, and also, everything is necessary to say it, the phenomenon of the vote in target, demonstrates of the flood disaffection political of the citizens who show all the surveys. So, it mrese by where, the next electoral results will not decide the programs of the parties but how the economy goes, independent of the demerits of and others, since his thin merits it does not see them by any part.