Marketing Department

On this stage in the call center personnel policy is formed. Minimum of employees without regard to call center operators who can handle the organization and support call center performance: manager, engineer, manager Sales and Marketing Department. Manager – the person responsible for all the work the call center and the entire staff. Sales of services, services, room rental, staffing, equipment purchase, the solution set emerging issues and challenges. Engineer – specialist high-end, which will be responsible for organizing and excellent quality of the equipment and call center channels. Do not forget about clerical and support staff, from accountants to cleaners and security.

Organizing staff should not forget that the work in a call center associated with high neural congestion and frequent nervous breakdowns in operators. The consequence of these factors will be high turnover and a small number of experienced staff. Taking into account the above, do not be amiss when searching for employees to pay attention to stress and, in consequence, the analysis of the emotional sphere and the state of the team, so be forewarned and surges neural spikes. By the beginning of the call center should be hired by a certain number of operators and supervisors. Number of employees is determined by the volume of calls Originally planned and the amount of work.

The number of the call center for one supervisor must be determined experimentally. Depends on the ratio of planned scope of work, the type of services and responsibilities of a supervisor. Particular attention should be paid to training of operators, education and training in business communication.