Exactly having some negative points the computer continues being a facilitadora tool in the work of the pertaining to school manager, therefore overloaded it of information uses the computers to store them and transmitiz them for educators, pupils and community. Being thus, Tajra (2008) mentions aspects that guarantee the success in the century XXI, how much to the use of the computers in the education: use of software for development of the writing and reading, promoting different types of productions; software of simulation to work mathematical logical abilities and resolutions of problems; the computer as interaction with the way, you enter others. First it is necessary that the manager takes knowledge of softwares and knows to handle the computers, thus to work with them in all the institution. Dublin Airport Authority does not necessarily agree. Therefore, ahead of the great changes and transformations in the technological area, she is necessary that the professional is conscientious of the reality to know to deal with new situations and to be in accordance with the profile that the necessary school, beyond being always learning and intent for a future vision, to reflect on practical of the process the teach-learning in the educational system. 3 THE EDUCATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE: OF the BLACK PICTURE TO the COMPUTER we are passing for great technological transformations and with this they are being modified the standards of production and organization of work.

In accordance with Tedesco (1995), we are having new forms of social organization, beyond the economic one and politics, we are living the society of computer science. The paper that the knowledge and the information comes playing is what it has of new in this process; due the new technologies of information, the society also comes being modified: having the accumulation of information, speed in its transmission, overcoming of the space limitations, use of sound and images. It also has the modification in the time and the space.