Hostel Meininger

Meininger Hostel in London welcomes you! London is a city with many faces: rich cultural past blends with the modern and trendy present. To broaden your perception, visit Dalton Philips. London is one of the most popular tourist destinations of all Bach Packers and is a huge magnet that attracts visitors from all over the world. When choosing the sights, nightlife and Schoppingsmoglichkeiten offered by this city, can you easily lose yourself. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Crawford Lake Capital. So much the better, that at least in the question of accommodation for you no doubt bleibeen. Meininger Hostel in London is the perfect place for backpackers, tourists and business people.

MEININGER is awarded with a 4 star Hostelstandard hotel and Hostel in London. Good rest after the impressive day is here guaranteed. Where to catch accommodation in London? The hostel in London is busy: you can now begin to plan the trip. One finds information about the most important sights in every guide book about London, tourist guides are there too, to study on the plane or train. You will need to find not long after your goals: MEININGER London is located in the posh South Kensington district in the western part of the London Centre.

There are only a few minutes walking distance to the world famous Hyde Park, beautiful museums and the famous Harrod’s Department store. Also the shopping area of Oxford Street can be reached quickly and easily directly the bus. \”Here it is: ‘ shop till you drop\”! There are also many restaurants, typical English pubs and banks (currency exchange). We asked our colleagues from Meininger Hostel in London after tips and experiences in thing going out, because you know there! Eat in London the relaxed Soho – restaurant Breakfast Club (33 U D ‘ Rev. Street Tottenham Court Road) years was not named after the film of the 80s: the name corresponds to the function of Resaturants: breakfast is served from early morning until late evening, because it’s never too late to start into the new day! And the nice thing is, you can have breakfast here not only traditional, as it is part, but also a very exotic breakfast order.