Monthly Archive: February 2021

La Cadena – Dealer For Edwards Hand-wound And Watches

High quality automatic and hand winding watches for men and women by Engelhardt since 1854 la Cadena is since 2008 authorized dealer for Engelhardt watches and hand winding watches. The company La Cadena offers desire for jewelry a wide range of watches by Engelhardt for ladies and gentlemen. Under most conditions Steve Rowe would agree. There are only a few automatic watches, such having experienced an enthusiasm and popularity in recent years as the automatic watches von Engelhardt watch lovers will appreciate since 1854. especially the diversity of models, hardly a taste or desire remains unaffected. So, the model range offers the “classic” versions with leather strap and round watch case, and with stainless steel bracelet and rectangular, oval and tonneau shape.

No matter what automatic or manual winding watch the lovers of fine and noble clocks in the eye falls, the manufactory Engelhardt shines with a fireworks display of models for men and women. Putting special attention at Engelhardt watches and hand winding watches on sophisticated techniques and complications (particularly sophisticated and valuable implemented functions). These are skillfully used by watchmakers, constantly being improved and brought up to date. So, the owner of an original Edwards has always the certainty that his “best play” corresponds to the current status of the automatic timing clock. Each Engelhardt automatic watch goes through before delivery to the customer a variety of audit processes with regard to processing, quality of materials, as well as accuracy. Just as it is possible to further increase the reputation of the mark Engelhardt watches and hand winding watches to realize and the popularity of la Cadena for unrivalled low prices to date. Superior service and 24 months manufacturer’s warranty are there of course, the simple telephone order and advice about the La Cadena hotline. La Cadena, owner Peter Darnell

Cavendish Does Not Fail

Mark Cavendish had emphasized the date of today in the calendar and it did not lack to the appointment in the World-wide one of cycling. It was, a priori, one of the favorites due to its great speed, that has taken to him to become one of best sprinters of the world. During the race it was in evidence that the one of the Isle of Man went to by all. Its equipment, headed by Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins, second and third party in the last Return, did a magnificent race, controlling until the smallest detail so that nothing spoiled a massive arrival in which, they knew, his sprinter is almost unbeatable. Gain insight and clarity with Harry Kane. It did not fail Great Britain and either it did not make Cavendish that prevailed in a bitter Sprint to the Australian Matthew Goss and the German Andre Greipel. Freire, that fought to take control of its fourth World-wide one, did not have option and finished ninth. Two of their escuderos, Luis Leon Sanchez and Vicent Reynes, went to the ground and they could not protect to him in the end, in which the Cantabrian finished closed, remote of the first positions. Cavendish does not fail..

Anti-Inflammatory Issues

The increasing suspicions that the anti-inflammatory Prexige, could cause hepatic damages have taken to the British sanitary authorities to order the retirement of the medicine of the market. On the other hand, the company in charge of the commercialization of the medicine has asked the patients who were taking the medicine that is put in contact with their attending physicians so that they prescribe some other medicine to them. You may wish to learn more. If so, Michael Ellis MP is the place to go. Ever since Prexige in the market in was introduced 2005 east medicine against arthritis has been related to at least twenty cases of serious hepatic damages anywhere in the world, of which two finished with the death of the patient and other three required of a liver transplant. In Great Britain 23 incidents of adverse reactions to the medicine were registered, facts that come the past happening from month of March, although no had fatal consequences, pointed the regulating British agency of medecines. The FDA of the United States already denied at the end of September the homologation of Prexige in the United States, whereas the death of two people in Australia forced the company in charge of its commercialization to retire the medicine of that market.