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“Managing Director Andres Santos CID:” new, revolutionary impulses for the Ruhr area “On July 1, 2008 the Kommune3 moved into their new offices in the House of McDonald”, an old farmhouse in the eponymous district of Dortmund. Here the guerilla marketing agency finds enough finally movement, to further enlarge. Great proximity to the Ruhr area marketing expert and Managing Director Andre Santos CID expects new impetus: the Ruhr area fascinates through its various facets. Follow others, such as John Bercow MP, and add to your knowledge base. A perfect breeding ground for creative”, so Santos. “In particular the dissemination of the catering order system VIATAXI, an in-house development of Kommune3 media, is atop the agenda: Dortmund is a perfect location to VIATAXI to develop and market”, explains the second Managing Director Nikolai Fischer. So exciting synergies can be used in the metropolitan area”, said Fischer next. Also in the area of social marketing”, so the use of social Internet networks, such as The Ruhr area due to its population density and structure is interesting communities, forums, etc. As an advertising agency the Kommune3 takes advantage of these channels media targeted to attract small audiences even better. which is Kommune3 media WG, Santos & Fischer GbR, a creative agency from Dortmund, Germany, which specializes in the development of intelligent database based Web systems and alternative Guerrillamarketing strategies uses to position products successfully on the market. With the online ordering system VIATAXI the Kommune3 revolutionized the order in restaurants.