Thirteen Colonies

The factors that had led to the Independence of the United States had been that England after the War of the Seven years if saw without resources to keep the expenditures of the Crown and started to elaborate laws to limit them to be able of the colonies and extreme taxes. Amongst these laws the main ones had been: Law of the Sugar (tax before the sugar and the molasses); Law Stamp-looked of it to compel all the documents passed for a Real Stamp, and the Intolerable Laws that had taken the revolution to its apogee, joining the Thirteen Colonies against England thus forming the United States. Another law that was distinguished were the Law of Tea-charging the tariffs on the commerce of the tea. Other main factors are the iluministas ideals that wanted to finish with the Absolutism, similar creation of a constitution, rights to all the people, fact that until the moment did not occur. These ideas had spread for the colonies, leading Independence to its total and full success.