The Decriminalization Of Marijuana

JOSE BRECHNER if adults want to take chances with marijuana, is their problem partially Ronald Reagan following the steps of Mexico, which decriminalized the use small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and methamphetamine, the Argentina last August decriminalized possession of marijuana for personal use. Other countries that are considering doing the same are Brazil and Colombia. Argentine law contains empty subject to subjective interpretation, because it does not specify what is considered acceptable amount for individual consumption. Their use is not permitted if it affects others, but does not make clear if they should be in public places, and does not speak of the right to culture for private use, among other flaws. If these aspects is not contemplated, the measure remains in a confusing space, leaving too much scope of elucidation to define what is permissible or not. If we want to prevent illegal trafficking of marijuana, which is the real problem behind the plant, since the consumption of cannabis ever killed at anyone, must authorize its cultivation non-profit.

Otherwise, the mafias will continue controlling its commodification, at the time offered other indisputably dangerous substances. The marijuana that is sold in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, comes from the Paraguay. It is of poor quality, it comes pressed into bricks, with leaves, twigs and seeds included. Peasants, through ignorance, and to obtain higher profits, mixed plants of different species, females with males, healthy and rotted, that produce atypical effects, no matter if contain fungus, vermin or any organism harmful to health. Their buyers obviously cannot complain to suppliers or pretend to get something better. In United States marijuana has been decriminalized in 13 States, and is legal for medical use in California, where it is sold to the public in the Green Bars (green bars), that they are expanding. These premises can be obtained more than 300 different varieties of cannabis, which has been cultivated by expert agronomists, achieving high products quality, with psychedelic characteristics to their species.