The Bishop

And this 2010 have been a year in which Santo Padre aimed directly against us. He is that the atheists we do not have moral. That tells the present leader us of the more popular supernatural cult of last the two millenia. In his recent visit to London, soon after stepping on English ground, Ratzinger it gave a speech in which the tyranny exerted by the Nazis remembered, giving to understand that this type of phenomena is the product of the atheistic extremism. I do not have words to comment these declarations. I am not going to analyze the role that the Vatican in the political map of first half of century XX played and the bond that it had with the three great European totalitarian governments; nazism in Berlin, fascism in Rome, and the Francoism in Madrid.

To associate to nazism with the atheism is an unforgivable vile trick, for the man designated by Jesus Christ to even be its Earth representative. The Bishop of Rome, as all good catholic knows (or he would have to know), is infallible since, as he says the Gospel, which he decides in the Earth has immediate celestial validity. But beyond the impertinent thing of the association that the Pontiff does, its attack to those who we do not create in the supernatural explanation of the reality invites to me to reflect on its process of reasoning. It will be certain that the ones that we do not create in the magic tricks that a carpenter did of the North of Judea we are immoral? We are less morals than the ones than guide their life according to Yahv? I suppose that it is a legitimate question. The past year I seted out to find in the Sagradas Scriptures a divine justification for the opposition of the Christianity to the married union between people of the same sex.