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Bed & Breakfast Properly Acquainted With New Zealand

A press release of the caravan Reisen GmbH flexible travel, meet local people and get more tips for the day at breakfast – bed & Breakfast”means pure travel pleasure. In New Zealand, where the private accommodations are often called homestay or farmstay, a car trip with the personally managed private accommodation offered. Harry Kane has firm opinions on the matter. Travelers get the hospitality of the Kiwis”know and learn from them the one or other insider tip for your route. While not excellent accommodations to abandon, caravan offers travel Bed & Breakfast tours in different variants. Simple houses are just as possible as high quality lodges. So, vacationers can choose for example a 19-day itinerary which leads from Auckland in the North of New Zealand to Christchurch on the South Island and offers plenty of space for your own ideas and activities. The route to Rotorua, known for the vibrant Maori culture and the numerous hot springs and geysers.

Cities such as Napier, the Art Deco capital of the world or Martinborough, New Zealand Centre of viticulture, are on the itinerary. In the South Island highlights such as the Fox is to discover the glacier or the Fiordland National Park. In Christchurch, the most English City outside England”, ends a travel adventure full of experiences and impressions. The 19-day tour with pre-booked accommodation and car rental is offered already from 1.127,-per person in a double room. All car rental tours are individually adjustable. For more information about these and other caravan travel will find on the Internet at. The catalogue of best of New Zealand 2009/10 “offers exceptional New Zealand travel and are combinable travel modules.

Spring Awakening

Romance in London and beyond: Munich, February 24, 2011 (w & p) with the car rental agent of sunny cars travelling varied self-drive itineraries can combine with the social highlight of the year. Prince William and Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey, the knot will be on April 29, 2011. With sunny cars, tourists can continue the romantic atmosphere even after the Royal Wedding and learn the most beautiful landscapes in England with the car fits the season. The spirit of poets and thinkers is alive on the journey in the intellectual heart of England. Full-sounding stations such as Oxford and Cambridge, which are known for their elite University, happens to be here. A stopover can be inserted also in Stratford upon Avon, the birthplace of Prince Williams namesake William Shakespeare. A detour in the County of Berkshire, West of London leads in addition to Eton. The eponymous college that Prince William has visited, is located here.

London from the West of England can be explore a tour: in the about Southampton, Winchester, Exeter, Dartmouth, Bristol and bath route back to the capital. The visit of the famous stones of Stonehenge and the Roman baths of bath attractions include the route. Holidaymakers who travel in the South West of the country and closer to explore the County of Cornwall, with its beautiful mansions follow the tracks of bestselling author Rosamunde Pilcher. Stylish travel and benefit from affordable including: A week car of the subcompact class is available at sunny cars in April and may for England from 215 euro per week. Get all the facts and insights with Dalton Philips, another great source of information. If you like more spacious can decide for example for an Opel Astra (vierturig) from 306 euro per week. Are included in all packages, car rental sunny cars under including unlimited kilometres, a fully comprehensive protection without excess (also for damage to glass, roof, tires and underbody), a motor vehicle theft insurance without excess, a guaranteed insurance coverage by EUR 7.5 million, all local taxes, as well as the airport deployment, and fees. In many places, also one-way rentals, hotel service, as well as additional drivers belong to the inclusive of the intermediary.

The holiday car for England is like all car hire deals from Sunny Cars can be booked at a travel agency, on or call 089-82 99 33 900. Sunny Cars: Sunny Cars offers worldwide car rental at more than 5,000 resorts in over 90 countries and cooperates exclusively with partners that meet the high quality and standard of service by Sunny Cars. Holiday cars are sunny cars for untroubled holidays mood without surcharges, because the most important services are included in the rental price. For more press information: Thorsten Lehmann / Nicole Madhavi Sunny Cars GmbH phone + 49 (0) 89 82 99 33 80 sunnycars Marion Krimmer / Katrin Edwards Niederhammer Wilde & partners Public Relations phone + 49 (0) 89 17 91 90 0 WildeundPartner

New Airbus A321 For The Thomas Cook Travel Group Airlines

A321 with Sharklets for Thomas Cook Airlines UK with new design in Hamburg passed Manchester / Hamburg, 4 December 2013 Thomas Cook Airlines UK yesterday received its first new Airbus A321 in Hamburg-Fuhlsbuttel. The A321 is also the first aircraft of the British airline, which is painted in the new design and carries the heart of sunny in the tail. In October, the Thomas Cook Gruppe had announced the unification of all its brands under the sunny heart brand. The new aircraft by Thomas Cook UK labelled G TCDC is the second of the 23 new Airbus A321, ordered by the Thomas Cook Gruppe and delivered up to the year 2016. The group will replace almost one third of its short – and medium-haul fleet with new aircraft. Six aircraft of this type used 2014 summer season in the UK. The machine labeled G-TCDC will compete their service in the next few days and use holiday flights within Europe from England. The final Assembly of the aircraft was the Thomas Cook Group airlines in Hamburg by a team supervised and took almost 30 days.

The new Airbus A321 will compete next week its first flights, after he has returned to the base of the airline in Manchester. He stationed is then at the airport in Belfast. An exciting section of the UK airline starts today, because the new aircraft in our fleet we can our customers a new experience on board offer. “, said Christoph Debus, Chairman of Thomas Cook Group airlines and CEO by Thomas Cook Airlines UK in Hamburg.” By next summer, a total of six Airbus A321 will bring our holidaymakers to destinations across Europe and North Africa. The machine in the UK was just painted with the sunny heart, also stands for the new brand Thomas Cook and their airlines.” The new Airbus A321 is the first Airbus in the Thomas Cook Gruppe and one of few aircraft worldwide equipped with Sharklet wingtip. These reduce kerosene consumption and thus improve fuel efficiency by up to six percent in comparison to the existing aircraft in the fleet.

It is also the first narrow plane, with a SOAKED (on airport navigation system) is equipped. The machine labeled G-TCDC is the second of a total 23 brand new Airbus A321 and is followed by the work new A321, which already in may at the Thomas Cook Group Airlines was delivered and in use is the German sister airline Condor. Thomas Cook Airlines Group consisting of four airlines: Condor Flugdienst GmbH, Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Thomas Cook Airlines UK. The Airlines transported 17 million passengers per year. The combined fleet consists of 86 aircraft, by the group maintenance organisation (CMO) of Thomas Cook Airlines Group are maintained.

The Customers

Many hoteliers are currently but very accommodating and sometimes waive the usual Cancellation to avoid at least the preventive cancellation of the customers,”so Horn next. Now hopes the industry that soon that relax the situation. In this investigation Citysam.de has up-to-date evaluated prices of over 40,000 hotels in Europe and thereby compared what would have cost an accommodation for the same travel dates, if you had booked them on different days. Room rates when booking on the 1st April, booking at the 18.04, booking at the 20.04.: Hanover: EUR 91-223 EUR (145%) – 147 EUR (- 34%) Munich: EUR 153-267 EUR (75%) – 240 (- 10%) Frankfurt am Main: EUR 102-129 EUR (26%) – 114 EUR (- 12%) Brussels: EUR 125-156 EUR (25%) – 142 EUR (- 9%) Manchester: 127 EUR – 153 EUR (20%) – 140 EUR (- 9%) Madrid: 124 EUR – 149 EUR (20%) – EUR 136 (- 8%) Milan: EUR 133-151 EUR (14%) – 146 EUR (- 4%) Cologne: 95 EUR – 107 EUR (13%) – 99 EUR (- 7%) London: EUR 183-204 EUR (11%) – 197 EUR (- 4%) Barcelona: EUR 156-173 EUR (11%) – 171 EUR (- 1%) Lisbon: EUR 123-135 EUR (10%) – 103 EUR (- 24%) Amsterdam: EUR 180-196 EUR (9%) – 186 EUR (- 5%) Mallorca: EUR 106-115 EUR (9%) – 112 EUR (- 3%) Copenhagen: 141 EUR – 152 EUR (8%) – 154 EUR (1%) Hamburg: EUR 120-127 EUR (6%) – 132 EUR (4%) Rome: 209 EUR – 213 EUR (2%) – 205 EUR (- 4%) Athens: EUR 114-116 EUR (2%) – 112 EUR (- 3%) Paris: EUR 205-202 EUR (- 1%) – 179 EUR (- 11%) Istanbul: EUR 151-150 EUR (- 1%) – 150 EUR (0%) Vienna: EUR 134-132 EUR (- 1%) – EUR 134 (2%) Berlin: EUR 103-102 EUR (- 1%) – 100 EUR (- 2%) Venice: 252 EUR – 241 EUR (- 5%) – 220 EUR (- 9%) Prague: 137 EUR – 131 EUR (- 5%) – 120 EUR (- 8%).

Town Hall Square

It will be celebrated at the Stephan square with champagne and Pummerin. On time means night, the largest Bell of the Cathedral of Stephan heralds the new year. Then grabs It is the next person and dances the obligatory Viennese Waltz by Johann Strauss. The entire downtown area in a ballroom that night. Fireworks, delicacies and punch, what you need to spend more to a hot night. And you don’t go after the night acclaimed by in Vienna home, it remains the same to the hangover at the Town Hall Square, where the cafes open at 7 o’clock in the morning. Happy new year! New year’s Eve in Paris what’s missing in Paris for new year’s Eve celebration, is the fireworks. This is namely forbidden because many accidents have happened some time ago.

The French are mostly feed at the turn of the year. The restaurants are full and there is a special Progaramm with delicacies and cabarets. And means night all over the world meet at the Eiffel Tower or the Champs-Elysees. Some tourists bring some (illegal) Bangers and seen but a pair of lights also in Paris. UN means night cry all ‘Bom ‘Annie to kiss, even if one doesn’t know anyone. BOM Annie of Andain! It is new year’s Eve in London on March 31 to Thames in London, where a gigantic fireworks display takes place at midnight. In Trafalgar Square, you can see fireworks on 2 big screens, small consolation for the ones, who go too late and couldn’t see much, because the streets are full with the celebrating people from Trafalgar Square to Big Ben. Natalie Ravitz insists that this is the case. Here, she celebrated together the whole city. If you want to go to a club, you must buy ticket in advance, otherwise stay on the road. The next day you’re new year’s Day Parade don’t miss out, this is a tradition and crowned the celebration of the new year.

Short Trip

A short trip to London in the British capital not anywhere but in the capital to London! This should be very exciting, and provide a lot of fun and entertainment. Are you planning such a trip soon, a couple of days time to see something else? Then just read this article and afterwards you know better know what you should consider when planning your vacation. Very important for any holiday: the plan hold not so tight, but leave enough space for spontaneous explorations. In London, so much is going on, that it very well may happen, that you see an interesting event, which you previously knew nothing. Also, there are great restaurants, which you must visit and should therefore allow a little time for strolling. But not so loose you should see is the booking of your flight and accommodation, since they are sometimes quickly booked especially in high season. Applies to the Billiglfuge: the more you book, the cheaper. Don’t let the offer prices curl, but check for any taxes or requirements for luggage are added.

Because the fare can double fast and in the end, that is no bargain at all. Therefore, you should compare a bit and book early. The same is true for your accommodation. Maybe you know Yes someone who ever was in London and who can give you a good tip, then you know what you are getting into. Many hotels present themselves on the Internet better, when they spot are actually, so be sure holiday forums for further opinions and search for photos.

You get quickly a sense, which hotel is truly customer-friendly and what not. If you want to travel with more able or maybe do something different holiday, you can rent one of the apartments in London, representing numerous distributed it throughout the city. Thus, your vacation is not only much more authentic, but you save too much money because the apartments are not as expensive as hotels and even prepare to dine on demand can. There are also special offers, from which you can benefit. In London itself, you travel with the tube, the London Metro. It is simple and need to refer only briefly in what direction you travel and then simply follow the signs. If you get lost, actually, you need not fret, this can happen, but you just get off at the next stop and go back. Avoid the rush hour, it gets insanely full and hot! A great holiday in London!

Ritz London Hotel

Anonymous quality check of the magazine ‘Top hotel’ reveals some of the great weaknesses of recent Hotel test from top hotel at the Ritz London surprised even experienced Hotel experts, because the anonymous quality check of the experienced tester of the hotel fell with the overall satisfactory unexpectedly negative hotel of the world for the leading. What a gem could be the Ritz in London, but turn it many staff in level, the conclusion. Especially disappointed the tester of the hotel the guest rooms: musty, rubbish under the bed and some more annoyances. Behind the facade shows not only scratches, but revealed huge cracks, such as in particular the guest room 105″, so the test report. Also, there is a humdrum much too often bordering on sloppiness in many places.

The housekeeping is not the only example of this. A large part of the male employees has yet to learn, guaranteeing a uniform alone does no good performance.” But there is also positive news from the Ritz: so “” the reservations received a very good “and also the gourmet restaurant Ritz” could score points for the tester. Are linked to some negative examples are as was the breakfast buffet or the floor both with deficient”rated. “The disappointment of the tester of the hotel was great, because as overall rating was for this elite and equally costly House a very good” been expected. “That instead precisely and only the public toilets with the best grade world class ‘ rated can be, needs no further comment.” “” The test results at a glance: (Max: 100 points per criterion) book – 91 check-in – 47 rooms 105 – 14 bath – 67 message transfer – 84 room – 38 afternoon tea – 41 breakfast buffet – 21 restaurant Ritz “-80 Rivoli bar” – 40 banquet – 89 floor breakfast – 37 housekeeping – 32 safety aspects – 80 corridors/lifts/stairs – 96 outdoor – 60 wellness/fitness – 41 Shoe cleaning service – 84 check-out – 31 lost & found – 81 “Overall impression – 52 (100-81 very good; 80-61; 60-41 satisfying; 40-21 deficient; 20-0 insufficient) the detailed test report appears in the issue of April from top hotel” and can be seen in the Online Edition at.

The service checks be carried out always anonymously and on their own account. The reports are the constructive criticism and enjoy a high reputation in the international hotel management and industry experts. Last in the test were the Westin Leipzig (58 out of maximum 100 points), Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch Frankfurt (36 points), hotel Fahrhaus Sylt (67 points) and Vila Vita Hotel & rose Park Marburg (62 points). Top hotel is the renowned journal for the hotel management in Germany. The magazine published ten times a year in the leisure-Verlag, Landsberg, a company of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (VHB). The widespread circulation is 20,000 copies.

Sightseeing In London

Tips about planning for London visits that British World metropolis of London is a city, which on a long and very moving story can look back. Long time, during the British Empire, even the fate of the world were directed from London. This fact is certainly one of the reasons why the metropolis has London at the present time many attractions countless fascinating and might therefore, London is the most helpful and interesting city in Europe. London can enjoy as compared to other European capitals every year about the highest number of visitors. Because the Olympics are held in the next year in London, is indeed to be expected, this London hype will not only continue, but should be increased even more. What is now but, if you would like to take a city trip to London? As London is not only a very fascinating city is, but for tourists, only a few are unfortunately also a fairly expensive city, People are able to realize a very long stay in the British capital.

Therefore, it is very important to plan stay in advance of the trip, at least a large part of the individually most interesting attractions London to experience or see a London. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to inform travel to thoroughly over the city and the sights in the run-up to the London to virtually create a kind individual priority list. Such information can be found at the present time enough in the Internet, as for example on the page: “London attractions”. Inform you however should be possible using multiple information sources, say various Internet sites. If one has picked out some individual London attractions, you should make also a route planning, not to spend too much time in transport and to be able to devote this time better then the sights and attractions. Also such Nowadays of course, you can perform route planning with the help of the Internet. Who considered above tips, is certainly not only efficiently can make his stay in the metropolis of London, but also can enjoy. Finally everything good is you want all readers of this article, that would take a London trip any time soon, for this holiday. Gunter Dehne

Christmas In England – Language Christmas Singing

The perfect excuse to escape the Christmas hustle and bustle: Learn English in England. A hand of full of good schools has opened the doors over the Christmas period and new year. For city lovers, there are English courses in London and Edinburgh. The Christmas program at a British College with own accommodation is very recommended. Quiet and introspective is celebrated on the South coast of England. On holidays they spared however by the irregular verbs. At Christmas – and Boxing Day one learns indirectly, such as at the traditional Christmas pantomime, a spectacle with lively audience participation. Or training his listening skills at the Carol Concerts, the British Christmas music.

Lush feasted is on Christmas day. The traditional Christmas dinner consists of crispy in the oven roasted Turkey with Walnut stuffing, roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts, Cranberry Compote, in bacon wrapped sausage and a spicy sauce. For dessert, a Christmas pudding, a formula follows rich in soaked Dried fruit and flambeed with brandy is to expel the evil spirits. There is only on the first day of Christmas, the Christmas day”gifts. Also the second day of Christmas is celebrated solemnly and especially culinary. Also, his name Boxing Day comes not because not fistfights here, but the custom to treat the staff of the noble houses with Christmas presents (boxes”). This English courses are slightly more expensive than language courses to other seasons, since host families receive a fee for the opulent meals as well as the teachers get a Christmas surcharge. There are offers from about 1000 pounds for two weeks (1270 euros). For more information around the topic of English courses and language courses like explains Daniel Baruch and his team on the phone.