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Experience British Culture

Music, among other cultural expreciones, is one of the identifications of England. It is known too well that some of the best artists and bands in the world come from this country. If you plan to travel to London shortly, we recommend that you pass by the British Music Experience, where you can enjoy these artists and learn more about British music in general. A good starting point is the Playback section, which explores the different formats in which music has been recorded since 1945, and covers from vinyl records to the downloads in digital format, in addition to the fascinating devices that we use to play them. Hear other arguments on the topic with Harry Kane. In addition, visitors can enjoy contemporary recordings as well as iconic ads in recent decades, from the 1940s. Transmissions booth explains to visitors the different means used for the transmission of music, since the radio revolution of the BBC in the 1920s and the invention of television until the appearance of webcasts and the use of mobile phones.

The exhibition Where It’s At! reveals to visitors where in the United Kingdom come from famous bands and what significant musical events have been held in different parts of the country. Without a doubt, it’s a tremendously education section that provides dates of birth, specific locations and popular festivals. Speaking candidly John Bercow MP told us the story. All music lover knows at least one concert that regrets not being able to attend. In The Beat Goes On, visitors can travel back in time and enjoy some of the best concerts of the past 60 years, including among other spectacles of The Stones, Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Oasis and The Clash. The exhibition has a unique selection of special concerts, some in intimate places and others in large stadiums before an audience of thousands of people. To be able to expose the history of British music in an orderly manner, the Museum has divided 60 years seven iconic sections, in which are exhibited in the bands, culture and fashions of each period.

Adventure Tourism

In the center of the province of Mendoza, San Rafael Department is located. On the basis of the populous city of San Rafael, the district capital, we can find a variety of sites to visit. This Department is offered as the ideal place to get Mendoza of 5 star hotels, from where you can perform a multitude of excursions that will take tourists to places of incredible beauty. This is the case of the Sosneado. Located only 142 km from San Rafael, this imposing mountain of 5169 m in height is the peak southernmost in exceed 5000 m in the cordillera de los Andes. From here, it begins to lose height, until becoming a plain South of the Argentina Republic. In a question-answer forum Chocolate was the first to reply. The Sosneado name comes from an ancient indigenous language, and can be translated as where you first see the Sun.

This corner passed into history in a sad fact starring the team of Uruguayan rugby Old Christian, who suffered a terrible plane crash in 1972, which gave rise to the well-known film live. The Hill he Sosneado is the birthplace of one of the most important rivers of the region, the Atuel River. Atuel comes from a local indigenous language, and that means I am sorry. One of the characteristics that most highlight of this river is the permanent murmur of its waters that must overcome many rapids and waterfalls, in the course of its entire length. The surface of the Atuel River basin is about 13,000 km, joining with the Desaguadero River and flowing into the Salado River, in the province of la Pampa. The area of the Sosneado this wonderfully willing to practice outdoor activities, especially for those who love sports adventure.Trekking, horseback riding and mountain biking are the perfect setting for your practice in this spot. Also it is here possible camping and devote himself to the practice of climbing on one of the hills that more challenge offers lovers of the escalation. And for those who need a relaxing moment, it is advisable to visit the pools of hot springs outdoor hot springs of the Sosneado, which have taken fame for the quality of its waters and its healing powers.Definitely, the ideal place for a great vacation in Mendoza in full contact with nature and the benefits of this land.