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Sobolev Commercial Director

There, as Typically, on the basis of interviews can not distinguish the amateur from the professional, but for 2-3 months, assessing the practical results of their work, understand that the value of such an employee is zero. Therefore, a prerequisite of such Specialists in the interview – a high salary for a probationary period. A few months later they are placed in a new ad network for a job, providing it with new lines of "valuable" hands-on experience gained your new job. In this case, because of the huge demand in the labor market for specialists in the field of Internet marketing, they are almost idle and can easily find a new job. We have attempted to systematize all Internet experts in the Moscow market of labor, summarizing our experience in hundreds of interviews. That's what we have.

Now in the labor market, there are four types of potential experts on Internet technology: 1. Employees worked at a firm specializing in creating websites and promoting them, who want more pay and peace of mind, without ambition. As a rule, they know a little of everything. Such candidates in the labor market in Moscow, about 20% 2. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MP for Northampton North. Freelancers, former employees of Internet companies who work from home on private orders or tried to create my own business, but they did not work. They are tired of the uncertainty, I wanted to guaranteed wage and tranquility.

They will continue to continue to work on projects "on the side" even after the device for a permanent job in the office, naturally at the expense of the working time for a new job. Such specialists at least 15% of the total number of applicants. 3. Employees who worked on the support site for commercial organizations. They usually have a great track record of employment (from three to seven) for 3-12 months at each location. They could go all the way before the first and second groups. At the interviews they say that they frequently change jobs, because we have achieved the maximum result, there is no room for growth or link to inappropriate management. When asked what results they have achieved, begin to describe what they did. Ie confuse the result and the process. However, even at leading questions can not somehow be formulated, as a result of these actions. They just never thought about it. Most of these candidates – about 60% of proposals to Moscow in the labor market. 4. Employees of the previous three groups who are really interested in professional growth, interest work in a successful Internet company, working with skilled professionals who have what to learn. They are interested in participating in large and complex projects, are interested in getting involved in actual results from these projects. Unfortunately these professionals in the labor market is not more than 5%. We very much hope that your company will be able to find a specialist type 4, although our experience shows that the probability of this is extremely small. Alex Sobolev Commercial Director of Internet Agency Artus This material was first published on the Internet site of the agency Artus. At full or partial quoting reference to reserved.