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What To Do In San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan is the heart and soul of Puerto Rico. This metropolis deploys skyscrapers, luxury hotels, modern restaurants and the latest fashion. Everyone will be fascinated with visiting San Juan and its surroundings, with its varied offerings, that offer a unique experience. Attractions this cosmopolitan combination attracts many visitors to San Juan in Puerto Rico, home to nearly two million Puerto Ricans, a city that offers the best of Puerto Rico and its diversity. One delight both for the shopaholics, as for traveling entrepreneurs who can sneak and close an important business deal. When the night comes to life, all serious activities attract visitors enjoy everything that this metropolitan area of Puerto Rico has to offer. Evening activities include lots of partying and a drink or two delicious cocktails with Puerto Rican rum. Location San Juan Puerto Rico is located facing the Atlantic Ocean, located an hour away by car from any region of the island.

Along the way you will find exciting places to stop you; as the Northern Region, an area consisting of 13 villages with ecological and technological offerings. 2-3 Hours away by car from San Juan, Porta del Sol offers splendid beaches ideal for surfing and impossible to find elsewhere in the world. In addition, daily catch of fresh seafood offered substantial premises, the bioluminescent bays and endless beaches to swim and romp in the Sun. La Parguera, a small town where abundant local hospitality is located two hours from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sunsets in a stunning Crimson color that can be enjoyed on all these beaches. Porta Caribbean another amazing location near San Juan, Puerto Rico is Porta Caribbean South, which offers a potpourri of welcoming villages on the coast, at the foot of great mountain chains. Ponce, the region’s largest city, contains the Ponce Art Museum, home to one of the historical places in Puerto Rico. Offerings of the East it is possible to jump from island to island by ferry in order to enjoy the clear waters and fine sandy beaches in Puerto Rico.

East of Puerto Rico is home to the jungle Tropical Nacional El Yunque, the only one under the services of the United States and home to more than 240 species of flora and fauna. Delights of the central zone for those who love the mountains and be outdoors, the central region is an excellent reason to visit Puerto Rico. Here you can find many trails for walking, places for camping and travel of natural exploration for experiment while you can see the beautiful view of the mountains and temperatures always fresh. Welcome to SeePuertoRico, enjoy a vacation in Puerto Rico and see historic places in Puerto Rico. Take a look at the last San Juan Puerto Rico packages for vacations, hotels, flights and lost more on our official web site. And travel Puerto Rico beaches to enjoy a most memorable vacation with your loved ones.