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Competition ImageDirectory

The last phase has begun for receiving applications for participation in the ‘Image directory of 2009’. The competition is open to all who are concerned not only with science, education programs and projects, but also a practical image, in the including media, Internet resources. Organizers of the contest – Academy imageology with the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education and Science, the Russian Cultural Foundation – will determine this time from among the best projects fundamental, theoretical, scientific and practical applications in the field imageology the following categories: Project of the Year in Science imidzhelogicheskoy (basic scientific research, thesis defended in 2008, collections of articles, monographs and collective authorship, published in the press), Project of the Year in imidzhelogicheskom education (training programs, training programs, educational facilities, training aids, dictionaries, magazines, articles and speeches in the media, published in 2008), Practical image – a project of the year 2008 Category “Personal effects the category of “Corporate image the category of “image of the goods or services.” Winners competition for nominations will be presented the main award – a statuette Ars image, the author – an artist Nicholas Tabachkov, a member of An international alliance of designers. Special awards will receive outstanding scientists, prominent public and political figures, representatives of culture, arts, who have made a significant contribution to the development of a positive image of the country or the industry in the past in 2008. Learn more on the subject from Tottenham striker . Contest Partners: Magazine “Corporate imageology” and Project “Non-linear communication.” Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until April 30, 2009, inclusive e-mail:.

Learn more – on the site of the Academy imageology. Results will be announced in May 2009 Note: For the first time Competition “Image-directory” was held in this country in 2005 with the participation of the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Russian Cultural Fund. In 2008, the winners were: in the category “Best project imidzhelogicheskoy in Science “- Eugene A. Tipping, Ph.D., Deputy Head of Department and Associate Professor of” Sociology and Psychology “, State Academy of Industrial Management behalf of NP Pastukhova (Academy Pastukhov, Yaroslavl) – for his thesis “Social-psychological structure and content of the image of the organization.” In the category “Best Project in education and imidzhelogicheskom education “- Alexander Y. Panasyuk, academician imageology, doctor of psychological sciences, professor of Russian Legal Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Russia (Moscow) – for the Encyclopedic Dictionary of the image. Learn more about this with Tottenham striker . The nomination “The best project in imidzhelogicheskoy practice” – the company “Statpro” in the person of General Director Tatiana Polyakova Mahaylovny – for a complex project, “The concept of the village leynhausov ‘Ilinka'”, “Corporate identity of style and site of Nikolai Baskov “,” Corporate identity and website Oleg Pogudina “(Moscow). Every year the number of participants of the Competition “Image-directory” becomes more and more. And it is worthy representatives of the national science, education and business. The Organizing Committee ‘Image-directory’ Project “Nonlinear Communication”.