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Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be divided into four groups, as any common deck. In addition, the values of the cards that are used to predict the future are the same as the traditional playing cards: from ACE to King, in each of the sticks. Only joins a letter extra the Royal family in the tarot cards: the page, and its position is just below la sota. The sticks are as follows: bastos, which generally refer to Esoteric spirituality and creativity matters; swords, which speak of conflicts and tensions; cups (or staves), which are always related to money; and the drinks, which deal with matters of the heart and relationships in general. The twenty-two remaining cards in a deck of tarot Standard are called major arcana, and are more than specific. Playing cards as the devil, La Torre and death are some of those who make up this outstanding group.

Now the question arises us: can anyone read and interpret a circulation of letters? O becomes necessary to resort to a specialist or Internet? The answer is that anyone can read the letters, with the appropriate level of preparation that the task requires. There is abundant literature, both on the web and in bookstores and libraries, completely suitable material to explain the meaning and message provided by each of the cards. It is that in the tarot deck, each card has a specific meaning, and a message or warning to who makes the query. Then, the good news is that there are no secrets in terms of which the deck wants to convey, and anyone can learn to interpret your messages. Played once the meaning of each of the cards of tarot, and that is not something that should be memorized; enough to take note when you make first print runs, many of them self to rehearse, can read and interpret all of the tarot deck, for others and for yourself, also. Any book that you see on the art of predictions will offer a detailed description on how to make runs, i.e. the form of position letters to understand their meaning in the context determined by the question carried out by the consultant.