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Discardings Philosophy

For this author, this occurs because the Philosophy has at least 2500 years of history, and throughout this history, proper it always was come across with the question: what it is same Philosophy? It is undeniable, therefore, that the placed question demand preparation and didactic-pedagogical formation of the professional. According to above-mentioned author is important that the professors of discipline Philosophy of Average Ensino, in this beginning of century, in Brazil, has clarity that they need to consider the formation as one of the first questions. In this way, when one works, for example, the History of the Philosophy, is reasonable to think, that the professor of disciplines does not have to abide itself to only parade names of philosophers and texts, but to look for always to tie the aspects of the thoughts of the philosophers configuring? with the reality of the students of century XXI. The contact with the History of the Philosophy seems to be important in the didactic-pedagogical formation of the professor of disciplines Philosophy, because according to Severino (2007), throughout the history of the culture, the way to understand the knowledge suffered alterations, that had been registered in the History of the Philosophy. In this manner, the professional of the education of Philosophy can perceive of that way the knowledge must be seen and be applied currently, in this context of globalizado world, where if she values the knowledge of a well specific form in relation to other historical moments. For Vergez and Huisman (1988), the History of the Philosophy cannot be separate of the Philosophy, inasmuch as the understanding I cogitate of it demands the knowledge on Discardings, the discovery of a priori character of the space assumes that let us place in them in the school of Kant. Valley to remember that the Philosophy is not scrumbled, however, to the History of the Philosophy.