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Have written biographies: preserve memories and lifetime achievement honor my Manfred Poisel and the biographer Irene Wahle, which on behalf of writes biographies, designed for the family, produced in small editions friends or business district. Their customers are active seniors former executives and business leaders who have retired from the professional process of creation. The life books are created on the basis of interviews, research, and the records of their customers. The motivations of why people write her biography, are different. “Some want to pass insights to grandchildren and great-grandchildren or the own industry’s young people”, the 46jahrige native Blankenburgerin, who loves to go to the bottom of things learned. “Others”, complements them: “enjoy it aufzuraufeln off the red thread of her life. Other contemporaries are knowledge of the roots of their “tribe” to future generations more grateful with their family history range.” Therefore discusses the expert before quoting detaiiert their ideas with their customers: “a biography is a high-quality and long-lasting investment. Therefore she should be completely the needs of my customers”, as Irene Wahle said.

Thanks to an intensive cooperation, develop unique books of life when all are resolved to the mutual satisfaction, starts the collaboration, which lasts from the first interview to the delivery of the printed book between a half and three years. The processing time depends on the selected biography offer. The interviews are, unless otherwise agreed, in the familiar environment of the Biographierten. While the conversations Irene Wahle invites their customers a special experience: a journey into the inner realm. There can meet the Biographierten itself from the hindsight of decades and their existence new stage.

You can delve into the wonderful moments, brilliant moments and once again enjoy big success.” Memory work is but yet much more like the biographer emphasized: Yes, it offers the chance to look at the painful experiences that touch every life, and with them also due to the distance of years to reconcile. From this arises my experience. deep well-being” The result of the confrontation with the own life gives more than joy. In our fast-moving times, the experiences of the ancients get a higher priority. To write his biography provides the ideal space. Because, in her unique memory treasures gather”the Thoroughbred writer thinks. “Furthermore”, she adds: the result of reflection of the Biographierten and our cooperation gives joy, keeps alive people over generations, is a contemporary document and precious testimony of multi-faceted lived life. Each page of a personalized biography confirms life performance impressively and kept invaluable experience for the descendants. A Biographierter says: the won insights are valuable and can be experienced only by the retrospective preoccupation with one’s own life “.” Irene Wahle is the interplay of their professional knowledge, their biographical insights and artistic talents the ideal partner to reflect thoughts and resulting life stories give rise to new. Biographer Irene Wahle