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AIRPLANE airport Charles de is one of the most important international airports, is located 27 km north of Paris. There are daily flights to all parts of the country however, the TGV (train a grande vitesse) which travels at high speed tends to be more convenient. You can choose many modes of transport, from trains to a series of quite old public buses, private units and taxis from the airport to the city. The Aeroport d Orly is the city’s second airport, is located 16 km south of the Centre of Paris. A bus transit between the d Orly and Charles de Gaulle. Beauvais is a smaller airport and serves the flights to paris: charter and the airline Ryanair.

Transfers you can choose from a wide variety of services; from very fast trains to various public buses, private vehicles and taxis. There is a bus that only makes transfers between the Charles de Gaulle and the Aeroport d Orly. TRAIN the train system is perfect and is a quick way to see France and other parts of Europe. There are six major train stations in Paris, which are responsible for the traffic to different parts of France and Europe. There are services to Amsterdam and Brussels TGV. The most spectacular route is the channel (or Chunnel) tunnel between London and Paris. Only take 3 hours.

The TGV service links Paris to Amsterdam and Brussels. BUS if you moved from Paris to other countries, the bus is relatively a good choice. Eurolines buses travel from Paris to all over Europe. However, we do not recommend making long trips in bus within France. Please choose another means of transport. AUTO you can comes to Great Britain and Ireland via the ferry or driving from London to Paris thanks to the Euro-tunel service, leaving your car conveniently parked at the railway station of link. If you drive from other parts of Europe use French motorways. They are fast, although somewhat expensive. WATER combination Autobus-Barco is available from London through the Hoverspeed. There are also ferries and boats that passengers move between Britain, Ireland and France. How to navigate underground public transport is excellent. Metro is an impressive network with numerous stations located within walking distance to almost all sides, is also fast and reliable. Be careful when purchasing tickets because a weekly pass works out much cheaper, even if you are going to stay less than a week. WALK one of the most pleasurable ways of seeing Paris is on foot. Its attractions are a short distance from each other and there are only a few few rises. However, be careful with pedestrian crossings given that drivers don’t always stop. WATER the river boats that cross the Seine are better suited for seeing the city a step slow and pleasant rather than being a medium fast transport. Paris bike is not very noble with cyclists. One has to share the road with cars, which do not It is always easy. But still, do not allow bicycles on the subway. AUTO driving a car in Paris can be chaotic and stressful, so public transport is a faster and more elegant way of moving. Bus public bus service is extensive, but is unfortunately inefficient, and hours of operation are not very convenient. It is however the Noctambus network, which operates when the metro closes. cheap flights to paris