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Manchester City

The captain of the Arsenal has still not wanted to break with its club. The Bara maintains its supply in 30 million Euros, but they request more. Sunday, ' gunners' they maintain course to Asia to do the preseason. The Catalan midfield player Cesc Fbregas has not exercised itself with his equipment in the first day of training of the Arsenal and has carried out an individual work in the gymnasium, since the player with the club had already decided, while he continues himself negotiating his possible signing by Barcelona, according to sources next to the midfield player. The starting of the preseason in the Arsenal is a fact and the march of Cesc follows without signing itself, which is creating a situation of certain instability, since the player does not want to declare itself in revolt, for being still the captain and for being a symbol for the liking ' gunner' , according to the same sources. The Arsenal gives account in its site in Internet of the first training in the locality of London Coleny, but it does not talk about the situation of Fbregas, that does not appear in any of the nineteen photographies that are hung in its page with respect to the preparatory session. Cesc Fbregas for a long time it has been having a contract with the Barcelona and is at the expense of which the Catalan club and the Arsenal close an agreement, although the amounts that supply both parts do not seem to be still near. The one of the Bara it does not happen of the 30 million Euros and the English is clearly superior.

The captain of the Arsenal has still not wanted to break with its club, but the present situation makes anticipate that the player wants that the Arsenal reaches an agreement by the crossing, post that in the amount that is will arrive to him clean, because the English club fich to the player when this one was in the quarry of the Bara and only had to pay a testimonial money by formation rights. The next Sunday, the Arsenal will start off for Asia to initiate its demurrage of preseason, a period that counts on a publicity in which the Catalan player has itself including a, who hopes that by then its exit has taken shape towards the FC Barcelona. On the other hand, the Arsenal has confirmed today that his player Gal Clichy has fichado by the Manchester City, after the organization of the north of England did east Monday. Source of the news: Cesc Fbregas does not train with the Arsenal and works alone in the gymnasium

European Spaniards

On the other hand, the president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick, has put in the front sight the European agent chief executives, loading against them the weight of the recovery and pressing to them so that they take " the decisions adecuadas" , since it recognizes that " we are moving in a dangerous period ". The Bags sink After ' Monday negro' in the European Bags, the situation is repeated. The growth of 0.2% of the GIP of the zone Euro in the second trimester (1.6% inter-annual one) confirms the deceleration in that period and has collaborated to increase the doubts of the investors. The Ibex-35 lowered to east Tuesday 1.61% and concluded the session in the annual minimum of 7,936, 40 points, a level unknown since the end of March of 2009, when it finished in 7.815 points. Throughout the day, the national market has been oscillating, while the president of the World Bank (VM), Robert Zoellick, discarded that the economies of the United States and Europe are directed towards one second recession, in which political European Spaniards agreed and (Muddy Durao), who returned to deny the chief of a main directorate of the IMF. The majority of the European Bags has continued with setback undergone Monday and closed in negative, with the exception of London (that closed in a 1.06% positive).

Milan, with general strike in Italy, yielded 1.98%; the index Euro Stoxx 50, 1.29%; Paris, 1.13%, and Frankfurt, 1%. The opening to the loss of Wall s$street did not do more than to make worse the situation in the European parks throughout the session of this Tuesday. Reduction of the risk premium the purchase of Spanish debt on the part of the BCE has brought about a small reduction of the risk premium (the difference that a country must pay to get into debt itself to 10 years with respect to Germany), that under 341 to 334 basic points.

Abu Dhabi Mansur Bin Zayed

I am already player of City. Happy for being in this club" , it has written. Its exit of the Athletic one of Madrid was a reality for a long time. The rumors on a male to another Spanish club have been in anything. The Argentine forward Sergio ' Kun' Omen, until now player of the Athletic one of Madrid, announced east Wednesday its signing by the Manchester City. I am already player of City. Happy for being in this club and this city. Thanks to all by the welcome and the reception! " , it indicated the forward, of 23 years, in its account of Twitter.

The team of sheik Abu Dhabi Mansur Bin Zayed to the Nahian has still not announced officially the signing of the player of the Athletic one of Madrid. The Argentine forward was received today with estusiasmo by the followers of City in the Etihad stage of Manchester (North of England) after the people in charge of the club informed in the social network of which she was negotiating his crossing there. First thing this morning the son-in-law of Diego Arming Maradona already had used the social network Twitter to inform into which he was in Manchester stops to complete the details of the company/signature with City and to say that everything went " very bien". The average British assure that the Manchester City will fichar to Omen by five seasons by a considered amount of 45 million Euros, the clause of rescission of the contract of the player with the Athletic one of Madrid. Signing stars the Argentine forward would become the signing record of the team of sheik Mansur Bin Zayed to the Nahian, having surpassed the one of the Brazilian Robinho, coming from the Real Madrid and by which the Manchester City paid 32.5 million pounds (37 million Euros) in 2008. According to the average British, the equipment directed by the Italian Mancini Robert will pay ' Kun' Omen 200,000 weekly pounds (227,000 Euros). Coming from Argentina, the player arrived this morning at Manchester and later he passed a medical examination in a hospital of the city. The negotiations with the people in charge of City took with calm and Omen had time to leave the Etihad stage at noon to go to eat and to continue talking in the evening, until finally he was the own player who announced his signing to last hour. Source of the news: ' Kun' Omen announces by Twitter its signing by the Manchester City

Manchester United English

EP Lucir in the chest the motto: ' End London 2011. 28 of maig-Wembley Stadium. FC Barcelona versus Manchester United FC'. The party will be celebrated next the 28 of May. The FC Barcelona has announced that the equipment will dress a unique equipacin, with a commemorative inscription, in the end of Liga de Campeones of next the 28 of May in Wembley (London), where it will be moderate to Manchester United English in the fight by the title. The main newness is the commemorative inscription in the chest, where the motto will be able to be read ' End London 2011. 28 of maig-Wembley Stadium.

FC Barcelona versus Manchester United FC'. The t-shirt will continue taking to the logo of Liga de Campeones in the right sleeve and the one of the UEFA, with the word ' respect' , in the left. Unlike the end of Wembley of 1992, when the Catalans proclaimed champions of Europe dressed orange for the first time, in this occasion the t-shirt will be the blaugrana. Source of the news: : The FC Barcelona will dress a special equipacin in Wembley

City Encounter

The Italian equipment falls before the Turkish Trabzonspor by 0-1. Both English equipment did not happen of the tie in the debut day. Rest of results of Champions League Groups Calendar. The Inter crashed in the Giusseppe Meazza and dimmed its panorama in first stage of Liga de Campeones after falling before the Turkish Trabzonspor, while the dominators of English soccer, Manchester United and the Manchester City, was incapable to extend their authority in Europe. The interista equipment left sonrojado the first day. A goal of the Czech Ondrej Celutska to a quarter of an hour of the end, gave the victory to the Trabzonspor (0-1), newcomer in the match and apparently condemned one premature elimination. In the other duel of Group B, the native from Ivory Coast Seydou Doumbia frustrated the return to Liga de Campeones, six years later, of Lille.

The attacker of the CSKA Moscow, author of two goals, balanced, in the last minute, the Gallic advantage, acquired with so many of Moussa Sow and Benoit Pedretti. The Manchester City was incapable to leave with the three points of its continental opening. In the duel of newcomer, with the new competitive format, Naples restrained the euphoria of the English set. In fact, Uruguayan Edison Cavani later advanced to the transalpine equipment although five minutes, the Serb Aleksandar Kolarov settled down the tie before the picture of Mancini Robert, who removed from beginning to the Argentinean Sergio Omen and to the Spanish David Silva. The one is the Bayern that has been appropriated the group.

It won with authority to the Villarreal (0-2) and showed to his aspirations and the difficulties that can find the equipment Spanish, in ' group of muerte'. Toni Kroos, to center of the French Franck Ribry encarril the Bavarian triumph, underlining with as much of the Brazilian Rafinha for want of a quarter of an hour. Manchester United, on the other hand, also left two points in the way before the Benfica (1-1), that had to Javi Garci’a like titling and Nolito and Brown Rodrigo in the bench. At least, the equipment of Alex Ferguson, that left between the reserves the goal David De Gea, avoided the defeat. The equipment luso went ahead to half an hour with as much of the Paraguayan Oscar Cardozo to center of Nicholas Gaitan. He tied before the rest, with a dry firing from outside the area of the Welshman Ryan Giggs. Nolito left in the second part, but the picture luso could not leave with the three points. Basel is the surprising leader of group C. Alexander Frei, to five minutes of the end, gave the triumph to the Swiss picture before the Otelul Galati (2-1), that had managed to tie as much initial of Fabian Frei with the one of Marius George Pain. Real Madrid, with a goal of the Argentine Angel I gave Maria, already dominates Group D. Won in Zagreb (0-1), while the Ajax and the Olimpique Lyons were incapable to mark. Source of the news: The Inter crashes and the United and City encounter in the opening in Liga de Campeones

Spain With Barcelona

It accumulates a total of 13 titles, one more than Italy (12). Real Madrid is the club with more titles in the maximum competition (9). The title obtained by Barcelona after prevailing in the end disputed in London to the Manchester United (3-1), fourth that the azulgrana club adds, supposes thirteenth for Spanish soccer, the country that more successes has obtained until now in Liga de Campeones, old Glass of Europe. Before the end in Wembley, Italy and Spain totalized twelve trophies. England adds eleven, reason why the victory before Barcelona would have taken to him to comprise of the dominators of the competition. With the success of Barcelona, Spain accumulates thirteen titles: nine of Real Madrid and four of the azulgrana set; Italy adds twelve (seven of Milan, three of Inter and two of the Juventus) and England follows with eleven (five of the Liverpool, three of Manchester United, the two of the Nottingham Forests and one of the Aston Villa). Distribution of titles by clubs With 9: Real Madrid.

With 7: Milan. With 5: Liverpool. With 4: Ajax, Bayern Munich and Barcelona With 3: Manchester United and Inter of Milan. With 2: Benfica, Notthingham Forest, Juventus Turin and Oporto. With 1: Celtic, Feyenoord, Aston Villa, Hamburg, Steaua Bucharest, PSV Eindhoven, Star Red, Olympique of Marseilles and Borussia Dortmund. Distribution of titles by countries With 13: Spain With 12: Italy With 11: England. With 6: Holland and Germany. With 4: Portugal. With 1: France, Scotland, Rumania and old Yugoslavia. Source of the news: Spain is already the country that has more Glasses of Europe

Scottish Equipment

The Scottish technician recognized the superiority of the Bara in the end of the Champions. It considers that the equipment of Pep Guardiola is the best equipment " of my tiempos". Edwin Van der Sar, the day of its retirement, flattered to culs: " They are very buenos". Sir Alex Ferguson, technician of Manchester United, recognized that nobody had given &quot him; a beating as" to its equipment, when rrir itself to the defeat that tonight fitted in front of Barcelona in the end of Liga de Campeones in Wembley (3-1). " There are preparation and we have played what we have been able. We have approached, but overwhelmed cs on his you happen leave &quot you; , the defeat of &#039 subsequent to admitted the Scot in the press conference; devils rojos'. Although Ferguson knew on what it relied when facing the Bara, it hoped that, including in his eleven titling " to somebody like Wayne Rooney" , its equipment could " to do something better in second half, but was not as". " I believe that we have played as always.

More close possible. They have been better. It is necessary to advance from this momento" , it emphasized. The almost septuagenerian trainer, with 25 years of experience in the bench of the United, affirmed that Barcelona is the best equipment than it has known. " In my times, he would say yes that. It is the best one than there are well-known, acepto&quot knows to it to everybody and; , it said.

" Nobody has given a beating us thus and they deserve victoria" , it affirmed. Nevertheless, it assured that " the great equipment has cycles ". " The cycle in that they are is the best one, which will last east cycle is difficult to say, but are enjoying momento" , it added. " In the next season we will still improve more, because it does not console to us to say that we are subcampeones" , it added. " Today we have approached our habitual game, but we did not dominate to the center of the field the sufficient thing like winning to them. It is that claro" , it concluded. Van der Sar: " They are very buenos" Edwin goes to der Sar, Dutch guardameta of the FC Barcelona, said sincerely at the end of the party in Wembley that " they are very good, we we have played well but they had best ocasiones". " We had two failures and they punished to us. I want to thank for all the people who have supported to me in my race. We will see &quot again; , it said as a goodbye Van der Sar, that today retired officially of Manchester United to the 39 years. Source of the news: Alex Ferguson: " Nobody had given to a beating as&quot us;

Argentina September

Argentina looks for itself against Bolivia, in the party that abre the curtain of the Glass America 2011, a match that has gained 14 times and del that champion does not leave from 1993. In fact, it has gained two titles in 50 years. And it will try now it with Carlitos Tvez in the titular equipment. Absent since in Argentina September it devastated to Spain in the Monumental one of Nez, the player of the Manchester City, that a month ago only was outside the match, today will be titular accompanying Messi in attack. Batiste was six days old to him punished to erase of a friendly one against Japan and Brazil in Tasting, alleging an injury that never existed. They say that the captain mediated, Mascherano, intimate friend of the Apache to fix an appointment to him with the selector, who solved finally it. Source of the news: : ' Apache' it always returns

Manchester United

Alex Herrera 20m FC Barcelona 0 – 0 Manchester United (20.45) Statistics of the party. Javier Mascherano will be holder next to Abidal; the rest, the equipment in full dress. Ferguson aligns to Ryan Giggs like titling, with ' Chicharito' in end. Both equipment will look for in Wembley their fourth European title. 20.28 Great aerial image of the stage. The fans almost jam already the launching slips. Hardly quarter of hour for starting the best party of the season. 20.20 Today, more than ever, Villa and Pedro will be essential for the Bara.

Half Manchester will be pending of Messi. 20.10 " Barcelona has made one season spectacular and deserves this clasp before great equipo" , the words of Prince Felipe in Wembley. 20.08 Tonight also a party very special Van der Sar will live. The doorman of the United takes leave of professional soccer the 40 years. Everything an example of professionalism and talent. Always in the elite of world-wide soccer. 20.04 The players of both equipment exercise themselves for minutes on the turf of Wembley.

The tunnels from access to the stage are filled. Atmosphere of Champions. 19.50 He will be interesting to see the duel between ' Chicharito' and Mascherano tonight. The Argentinean, mediocentro than dnsa more central, has resources and speed sufficient to render with note, but the mobility and good positioning of the Mexican will force to I itched to help in the covers. By the way, the ex- ones of the United is less without their captain alongside. To see what happens. 19.40 Attention! There is newness of last hour. Puyol falls of the eleven! The captain of the FC Barcelona will not play tonight of beginning in Wembley and Mascherano in center occupies its place of dnsa. It seems that Guardiola has changed of idea in the last moment, after announcing eleven with the Catalan and Abidal in dnsa. Finally, dnsa will be formed by Alves, I itched, Mascherano and Abidal. 19.35 The fans begin to occupy their localities in the English stage, although half of the entrance is still not registered nor. The borders are to overflow. Impressive atmosphere. 19.31 Mascherano will be substitute! Pep Guardiola bets by lateral Abidal like inquierdo. The eleven to conquer the fourth Champions will be: Buckets; Alves, I itched, Puyol and Abidal; Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta; Villa, Messi and Pedro. 19.28 Manchester United has been first of both in making official the alignment. Giggs plays: Van der Sar; Fabio, Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra; Valencia, Carrick, Giggs and Park; Rooney and ' Chicharito' Hernandez. 19.25 The players of the FC Barcelona have stepped on the turf of Wembley minutes after arriving at the stage. Dresses of yellow, the players contemplated to the state the game land and lined up the clothes tunnel. Shortly, they will leave to warm up. 19,00 FC Barcelona and Manchester United will dispute tonight (20.45), in Wembley, the end of Liga de Campeones who will put into play the possibility for both sets of securing the fourth title in the maximum European competition. Curiosities of the destiny, both equipment agree in the end of the competition two years after seeing the faces in the end of Rome, in which the azulgrana set won with goals of Eto' or and I read Messi. They do and it in Wembley, scene in which both equipment managed to raise itself with the first success in the competition. Source of the news: In direct: Mascherano and Abidal, holders before the Manchester Utd.

Barcelona Johan Cruyff

The extcnico cul does not discard that Guardiola Marche after the end. " Independent of the result (of the party before the United) ". His " great mrito" he is " valenta" that it has demonstrated when taking certain decisions. The exjugador and exentrenador of Barcelona Johan Cruyff do not discard that Pep Guardiola leaves the blaugrana bench when finishes this season, after disputing to the end of Liga de Campeones of the next Saturday against Manchester United in London. " Guardiola these years has done the work hardest and it would not surprise that it went away, independent of the result (of the party before the United) &quot to me; , dello affirms Dutch in an interview published by the Italian sport newspaper the Sport Gazzetta, in which it indicates to its compatriot Frame Van Basten like " trainer ideal" in order to replace the Catalan. Cruyff explains that cul by the high pressures would include/understand the decision of the technician which been has put under during the past few years, and advances that, in its opinion, not fichara immediately by no other equipment. " It left if it would do, it solely because it is very difficult to support certain pressures in the long term. For that reason I believe that ao&quot would be stopped; , it needs the exfutbolista.

The journalist of the newspaper compares the decision of Guardiola with the one of the Portuguese technician of Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho, who the past year left the Inter after gaining all the titles, but Cruyff denies the similarities among them fully. " In any case &quot would be different from Mourinho in all the senses; , it stresses the Dutch, that also assures that the Portuguese is " trainer ideal" for Italian soccer because with him the results arrive. " But, to part of the numbers, what other memories has left in the game (of the Inter)? What emotions has transmitted the young people? " Cruyff is asked.