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Australian Casey Stoner

The Spanish rider gave his support to the Spanish product before the MotoGP race. It showed a banner which read cucumber (with a picture) Spanish is health. He released a message of encouragement to Dani Pedrosa, who expects in the next race. The Spanish rider Jorge Lorenzo wanted to give their support to the Spanish cucumbers before the Grand Prix of Catalunya MotoGP and showed a banner which read cucumber (with a picture) Spanish is health. The Balearic showed its solidarity with the Spanish product, giving their full support when the cameras focused on him so that everyone could see it. At the World Cup the reigning champion of the world has appealed to the magic of sport in order to maintain as head of classification, who leads now only with 7 points margin over Australian Casey Stoner, winner of the GP of Catalunya.

As I have understood, until the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic won’t have something really different, so we will have to continue believing in the magic of the sport to continue leading until the end, he has declared the Lorenzo press, second classified today. The Balearic pilot noted the difference between your Yamaha and Honda for Stoner, fastest today, which does not allow him to fight for the victory. At the moment, we have had a bit of luck, because without the fall of Dani and Casey, these two unjust falls, we would not now perhaps leading the world, but races are so, Lorenzo, said that he has been proud to finish almost every race on the podium. The Spanish rider has explained its advantage over the Honda is located in braking, but that when Stoner opened gas escapes too. In this race we weren’t so far away and, in Estoril, we can be in front of him, but now more favourable to them, circuit approach stated, starting with the Silverstone next week. Support for Pedrosa at the end of the race, Lorenzo was also agreed of Dani Pedrosa, who released a message of encouragement: I hope you enjoyed career, albeit not the same that run it and placed for the next award of Great Britain, which takes place the week coming. Source of the news: Jorge Lorenzo supports Spanish cucumbers in Montmelo

The Crouch End Festival Chorus

In October it will release album with his new band, High Flying Birds. In 2012 will publish also with the band Amorphous Adrogynous. Since the breakdown of Oasis, his brother Liam has published a disc with his band Beady Eye. The former member of Oasis Noel Gallagher will return to the record market with two new albums: which will be published in October with his new band, High Flying Birds, and which will perform with the band Amorphous Adrogynous, which goes on sale in 2012, told Hollywood Reporter this week. That was composer and guitarist of Oasis, band paladin of the brit pop that was together with his brother Liam, will debut solo with Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, a disc that produces itself along with David Sardy and which has been recorded in the past two years between London and Los Angeles. With collaborators such as The Crouch End Festival Chorus or The Wired String, this disc will have ten topics and represents the first material from his latest work with Oasis in August 2009 edited by Gallagher, a step that his brother Liam and gave with his new lineup, Beady Eye. After the troubled fraternal relationship that Gallagher kept and which created persistent rumors of separation of Oasis, Noel Gallagher started this solo project that it will be released on October 17 in United Kingdom and on November 8 in United States. But Gallagher seems to be interested in dividing responsibilities, since it has also announced the publication next year of an album set with The Amorphous Adrogynous, group which is, in reality, an alias of the English duo of electronic The Future Sound of London..

International Cycling Union

The cyclist Saxo Bank pinteno will look for his fourth victory in the French round. It recognizes that it will be a very difficult challenge after his recent victory in the Giro of Italy. Counter can compete after the decision of the TAS to defer the view to decide on appeals after his acquittal after the positive 2010. The Spanish Alberto Contador, Saxo Bank, has confirmed in his town of Pinto which intends to compete in the Tour de France 2011 and seeking his fourth victory in the gala round. After the first March cicloturista that bears his name, the pinteno announced its participation and cleared the doubts about his presence to return to winning, what he did in 2007, 2009 and 2010. Contador, who has also won the Giro of Italy in 2008 and 2011 and return to Spain in 2008, can compete after learning of the decision to the Court of arbitration for sport (TAS) to defer the view on the resources presented by the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against his acquittal after a positive in the French race in 2010.

Contador admitted that he knows that a difficult challenge is to run the Tour after great effort and wear accumulated to impose in the turn, and in the last race that has made has not been the best and could just get in better conditions on the return to Spain. However, he explained that motivates him attempting to return to win the most important test by stages of the calendar against the best of the bunch, and that more than one decade ago that no one WINS in the same year the Giro and the Tour. Miguel Indurain came in 1992 and 1993. It is a challenge. Why same both I have meditated on it, I have been talking with the team, it was a decision that I have taken in conjunction with Bjarne Riis.

There is no doubt that for the team it is essential for me to be there, and for the sponsors, and also influences the amount of people that encourages you to keep you, said Contador. The Spanish rider now plans to rest everything possible. I prefer to lose even the shape, but above all to get rested. I insist much, but the people who have been in the Rotation can attest of toughness that has had, he said. Counter believed to have saved season after winning the Giro and assured that tour will be with desire and to try to fight for victory, but without forgetting what you have in your legs. He admitted, after seeing the tour, that the last week can be long and considered that its main rivals may a priori be brothers Andy and Frank Schleck, Leopard Trek, this campaign focused on the Tour. They are doing a very good preparation, in California have had a high level, Frank walked very well in the classic and in the Criterium international. And not only them, also the powerful team they have. Undoubtedly, they will be corridors that mark rrencia, he said. Source of the news: Alberto Contador confirms its presence on Tour 2011

Microsoft Presents

There are more than 40 million speakers of Swahili on the African continent. This is a great step for the Elimination of language barriers. Windows is already available in fifteen languages spoken in Africa. The more than 40 million speakers of Swahili in Africa may be used in your own language the operating system Windows 7, the Microsoft computer company, after the presentation of a package in this language in the economic capital of Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. To the director general of Microsoft for East Africa and southern, Louis Otieno, the Swahili version is a big step for the Elimination of language barriers in access to technology, informed the Tanzanian daily The Citizen. The presentation of Windows 7 in Swahili coincided with the inauguration of the Conference eLearning Africa 2011, that tries to take advantage of new technologies as instrument of learning and development in the African continent. With Swahili, Windows is already available in fifteen languages spoken in Africa: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Arabic, afrikaans, Amharic, hausa, igbo, xhosa, zulu, sesotho, setswana and yoruba.