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Ornithosis (ORNITHOSIS) etiology. Ornithosis caused by a group of filterable viruses, biologically and immunologically similar to a virus of psittacosis (psittacosis). The causative agent of ornithosis refers to a group of large viruses. Up to 2 years of virus remains active in the frozen state at a temperature of 4-4 concentrated suspensions do not lose their infectivity within 10-20 days. Most sensitive to experimental infection are white mice, distributed among domestic and wild birds. The source of infection for humans may be about 60 species of birds are doves, ducks, chickens, turkeys, piggy, goldfinches, puffins, pheasants, white chicks, orioles and many others. Jon S. Speelman understood the implications. The disease in birds manifested in the refusal of food, emaciation, diarrhea, mucous discharge from the appearance of the nose, eyes, ruffled feathers.

Pneumonia in birds is not observed. In the epidemiology of ornithosis for human pose greater danger Birds of virus whose disease does not manifest itself clinically. Isolation of virus from the body of sick birds to the environment goes along with the faeces and saliva. A person usually becomes infected through contact with sick birds. Atrium as in birds and in humans are mainly the respiratory tract, in which the infection enters by inhalation of dust contaminated with dried feces and saliva, as well as dust, sick cough. It should also be emphasized that the disease from person to person very rarely passed.

Ornithosis, is usually found among those who have contact with birds, but because the disease is often is professional in nature. It is distributed mainly among the workers of poultry farms, poultry farms, pet shops, zoological gardens, as well as in families where the containing various species of birds, including pigeons. Disease ornithosis occurs throughout the year, but more often in spring and summer months. Children parrot disease more frequently than in adults, occurs in abortive forms. Ornithosis occurs in different countries, especially prevalent in America, Japan, Australia and England.