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The name "screws" speaks for itself – this kind of fasteners do not require any additional drilling. The use of screws in the info-global – a great way to save time and effort. For fixing screws are used special tools – screwdrivers, through which only a few seconds, you can achieve the desired result. Depending on the direction of work and materials, intended for attachment, use the most appropriate type of screws. Self-tapping screws (screws) differ in their heads, carving, and the tip surface. If we talk about the different types of heads of screws, they may be semi-cylindrical, countersunk, hemispherical.

Screw thread on the different frequency, and nozzles can be sharpened or jib. Roofing screws – conveniently and securely Some of the most durable and reliable are roofing screws. Mounting screws through these last for many years, protecting the house from the penetration of rain, wind and cold. Feature of roofing screws is the material of which they are made – from a specially hardened, galvanized steel coated with 24 m (for screws 4.8 x 35 mm). Roofing screws can choose the desired color in the color of roofing materials. Screws for metal – high quality and tight deadlines of work the metal screws on metal today are indispensable in modern construction. The use of these screws allows for fairly sophisticated metal works not only fast, but without much effort.

An important condition for selection of screws for metal – increased strength of products, eliminating the possibility of breakage during operations. Screws for wood – perfect fastening wooden surfaces on wood screws are actively used during the construction and installation works. Screws for wood are distinguished by a special thread, which prevents excess chips during screw into a tree. In addition, both bonding of wood materials for wood screws are also used for fastening drywall. Screws for the sandwich panel sandwich panel – a unique material that allows you to record time to build a modern and robust construction. To secure the sandwich panels were specially designed for the unique characteristics screws. The bulk of these screws are made of galvanized steel with a protective coating, protects the surface from corrosion. Screws to sandwich panels eliminates even the small prominanie sandwich panels, retaining integrity of the mount.