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Consumer Credit

The consumption credit is a form of credit where a subject that the figure of creditor take undertake a loan to another person called debtor, which can be short, medium or long term, offers a total and free destination of money, to a greater extent allocates capital provided in the credit of consumption for the purchase of vehicleshousehold appliances among other articles of continuous use or payment for any service or benefit, as for a trip, pay for studies, finally as mentioned above the credit of consumption to be freely available for use, you may be destined to any desire. Credit of consumption in the majority of cases will paying for periodic fees, currently has tried to do that all of these are always of the same amount, but in the majority of cases increasing in value when it is coming to the latest assessments. The consumer credit manages collection quotas since in most cases loans are made through these, they are great amount credits, also offer extensive payment periods that can reach up to 60 months, so to go ahead some of the debt to avoid major setbacks, begins to do the payment of periodic fees and thus facilitate the payment of the debt. Consumer loans is mostly provided through banking institutions, which to be able to grant a credit of consumption conducted a series of studies in order to determine the creditworthiness of the applicant for the loan to establish whether it is or not suitable to make the loan and whether it will or not the solvency to make payment of the obligation owed to the entity, in the same way in order to establish the fee more comfortable for the payment of consumption credit, therefore the banks tend to take as factors in study labor continuity, credit background, economic status, simulation of the economic state in the future, age, until physical condition, however these are general factors of the banking entities, which may vary Depending on bank that prompted the loan, so much so it can one person asking for a consumer credit on 2 different banks and one they do not grant the loan and another bank if they provide economic help from the consumer credit. Therefore the possibility of obtaining a loan can vary from one bank to another, like conditions and charges that can lead to the granting of a credit for consumption, may be the case that some banks charge some money by the mere fact of the study of consumption credit, however in the vast majority of financial institutions do not perform any payment for a study of the consumption creditanother of the possible expenditure of insurance policies as he has said before, in some banks it is obligation, in others it is voluntary, but in this situation it is best to always opt to take a policy that protects any eventuality such as unemployment or some other misfortune.