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Arthur MalgorSponsor

The prospectuses will feel like informers aseeing and listening to the conviction and the security in all the presentation and from that moment are created a confidence between the exhibitor and the prospectus that causes that the affiliation is but effective. Incredibly, the money, is not a factor decisive in a prospectus to be united to our organization, promises to gain great amounts of money do not have value when it does not have the confidence and the security sufficient to develop the business. And there this the error, many affiliates present/display the compensation plan and the way in which we are going to make money forgetting completely in creating I tie of confidence in the prospectus and that causes that many people do not enter to the business, not because they do not want to develop it, but for want of confidence in the exhibitor. All potential prospectus to be united to our organization looks for training. Offering training to the potential prospectuses generates security and ensures that the success sera something surely to reach. To commit itself with each prospectus to offer a professional qualification one by one him, would guarantee that many people want to comprise of your organization. We work in equipment to obtain the freedom financierLo but important it is to leave well in clearly that there is to work every day, in equipment and that never we are going to leave our prospectus once it is affiliate. This point is most important since, many sponsors do not accompany their affiliates, after the affiliation say to them, good luck, and they do not explain the tools to them and that is very frequent in the multilevel, and is the reason of because so many people fail with this business and soon throws the fault to the company or the plan of compensation when in fact they failed or his to him sponsors. The best image than can be presented/displayed to him to a prospectus is the quality of training and dedication that the prospectus will receive at the time of becoming affiliate. It is very important that the new affiliate knows in clearly that is not going to only walk, will have a team of people very enabled in the subject with many years of development in the multilevel to train it, to advise it and to prepare it for the success.