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Tourist Attractions

Those that thinks to visit east London weekend would do well in attending the Festival of Shorts of London and relaxing after to have spent a morning enjoying of the tourist attractions London. The seventh edition of the festival gave to beginning Friday 8 of January with an inauguration celebration the past in which they participated several well-known disc-jockeys. The assistants to the festival the past Saturday could enjoy Club DES Femmes, a platform that pays tribute to the music composers and includes shorts of Carol Morley and Miranda Pennell. Club DES Femmes took place in cinema one of the Institute of Contemporary Arts. After a behind schedule filled one with interesting events, the day arrived at its aim with News Shorts 4: Midnight Movies.

This selection of shorts of directors of independent cinema included works that went of the surrealismo to the pure and hard terror. Between strong plates of Sunday they were News Shorts 7: How Long is Short? and Rich Pickings Presents: Lolita. On the other hand, those that glide to visit London and prefer a spectacle of greater duration instead of a short they could go to the Apollo Theater Victory of London to enjoy the Wicked musical comedy, that the past year it collected more than 30 million Euros. The network of public transport that still connects the tourist attractions of London finds in operation Those that glide to visit London in the next weeks could be worried before the possibility that the meteorological inclemencies prevent them to enjoy the different tourist attractions from London. Nevertheless, the mayor of London has assured that the network of transport of the city will remain in operation. Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, maintained that the city still owns considerable amounts of salt and the machines snowplows are clearing as much resident traffic lanes so that as visitors can move with greater comfort.