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After this definition we can dimensionar our park technician. In I begin a laboratory standard requires investment of physical structure, computerization, you move and equipment of small transport (centrifugal machines, microscopes, vidrarias and others; All the maquinrio investments are carried through through commodations, where we can negotiate a period of up to 120 days initiating the payments; 2- Units of collection, we must define which the partners/covenant operators we go to work from these numbers we define the amount of collectors and units we go to operacionalizar, the same rule serves for the collections domiciliary, where we must have a minimum guarantee of monthly examinations and from this guarantee to consolidate the collection proposal at no cost; 3- Attendance to I publish, differentiated attendance to it treating the patients to only form without covenant discrimination or mode of payment, the definition of this target also this related the partnerships mentioned in the previous item. 4- 5- 7 – 8 – 9 – All these item are related to item 2 where we must know one I number minimum of attendance or examinations to be carried through 5- Logistic (item 6) this must be developed from collectors motorized (nurse aid) with high level of training and deep knowledge of the goals proposals for the Group, this definition this on accords where with minimum guarantees of domiciliary attendance we can provide a bigger amount of professionals. Official site: Harry Kane. Valley to remember that operacionaliza a laboratory with minimum expectation of 15 a thousand examinations to a CH (Coefficient of Honorary) from R$ 0,18, PROVIDING to PROFITS not inferior 20%. However, making possible domiciliary attendance (20 a thousand examinations month) a minimum CH of 0,25 must be guaranteed and this edge will be used to defray the logistic one. INVESTMENT (reply for email).

French Medicine Agency

In accordance with Rabbit: The German pneumologista Wolfgang Wodarg sees a parallel between the pharmaceutical industry and the warlike one: ‘ ‘ Both live of medo’ ‘. If in one the terrorist threat inflates defense budgets, in the other the pandemics makes to flow the box. (RABBIT, 2010, P. 1) According to its interview, the Dr. For even more analysis, hear from MP for Northampton North. Wolfgang Wodarg criticizes the alteration in the criteria of pandemic definition, that not only had relation with the gravity of the allied illness to its expansion and to the expansion. The Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg would have affirmed: The previous definition of pandemic was very better, it did not take in them to use it every year.

Now any common grippe is a pandemic. The old definition said that it had of being a spread illness, but with high index of lethality. Severity was led in account. Now this was excluded from the definition. A light grippe can be alone, but because somebody traveled to a country and ‘ ‘ exportou’ ‘ the grippe already has alarm.

Then there is the issue not being the central objective of the present article at great length to consider the rumors that had appeared around the vaccination against the H1N1, but only exp them in order to register the scene and the spirits in the occasion. The truth is that, in general way, the effect provoked for the vaccine had been light reactions, as local pain, muscular fever low and pains, with duration around 48 hours. The controversy lathe of the vaccination had beginning due to the substance use in the composition of the vaccine as the timerosal, one derivative of the mercury, that, since 2000, the French Medicine Agency recommends that she is not used. However, in virtue of the pandemic, the OMS authorized its use for considering that its risks were minimum. This is used to conserve the medicine.

Minimum Data Set

In national scope, a study it told the way used for the elaboration of an archetype of system informatizado for support to the decision, using the NANDA, the NIC and the NOC (13). The use of the NIC in the practical assistencial also demonstrated to be boarding of significant interest for the inquiry on the NIC between the analyzed works. A time is considered that the relative studies to this boarding are, in fact, of great interest for the research concerning this taxonomy, that the same one offers relative standardized language to the interventions of nursing, that is, to the actions that the nurses carry through in its daily one and possess, then, significant proximity with the practical assistencial. In this perspective, it enters the studies carried through in international scope, was elaborated a study that objectified to identify to the effect of the reminiscncia therapy proposal for the NIC between aged with depression, interned in a clinic, and to compare its effectiveness with the traditional form of the therapy of reminiscncia used in this place (14). In study carried through in Korea, to interventions and results in submitted patients had been identified disgnostic, the abdominal surgery. These they had been compared with the NIC and also with the Classification of the Results of Enfermagem (NOC). The authors recommend the accomplishment of more studies of validation of the taxonomias in the different countries (15). Other carried through studies are mentioned: ) to the development of a form to register the practical one of nursing in public health, based in the standardized languages of nursing, between them, the NIC (16); b) to the description of the practical one of nursing in parquias* using NMDS (Nursing Minimum Data Set) and the NIC to codify the elements of cares of nursing (17); c) to the identification of the interventions and activities of nursing used by nurses of public health in the cares in domicile to the gestante of high risk, in the prenatal period (18); d) to the description of the use of the NIC in a cardiovascular unit of intensive cares and the paper of the service of education in this direction, having been identified, among others aspects, that the professionals who already work with the nursing disgnostic they had been more apt to the use of the NIC (19); e) to the description and validation of nursing disgnostic and interventions in the practical one, being that the interventions had been submitted to the project of Iowa for revision and consideration for the second edition of the NIC (20).