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Southeast Asia

The Guardarrutas or Data Logger is a tiny device capable of continuously storing the position which is using GPS technology. Connected to a computer via USB, then we can display detailed route travelled by your carrier (you can also access a history of previous routes). In addition, often permitr see the speed for each point, made stops, altitude, kilometers, etc. Unlike the GPS locator in real time, these devices are passive trackers. Most of the teams have their own application to simulate the travel route, others make use of google maps or google earth to know made route. This technology is being used to calculate routes and routes for climbers, hikers, cyclists and zoologists worldwide. Few companies know the existence of these devices and are to anyone today. Its use does not require any expense and they usually work with type AA batteries or lithium batteries. The most prestigious manufacturers of these devices they are usually distributed teams from Southeast Asia. Applications:-Control of fleets and special effect; -Sports, outdoor goods and luggage tracking; -Infidelities and control of employees; -Tracking of pets, livestock, etc.