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Relationship Working

Monday brunch with the proposal of BBVA for employees with a minimum age of eight years in the State: are eligible for a temporary suspension of the employment contract, paid 30% of the annual fee, with a minimum of 12,000 euros for a period of between three and five years at the time of crisis that currently livesthe entity understands that as a way of making more flexible the employment relationship that reconcile the needs of the entity and the template. Although the return is guaranteed, in such a long period is likely that a high percentage of those who avail themselves to her ending non returning to the Bank (according to sources of the entity itself), either because they find other work that satisfies them, assemble a business on their own, or become officials. This will allow BBVA to reduce costs while lasts the juncture adverse, waiting that the economy returns to the positive path (not likely to replace to those who go to hire anyone, but normal will be that they distribute the work) among those who remain). By the way, this could mean that, according to this proposal, the BBVA expects that the negative economic situation lasts between three and five years. A similar pattern of delayed relocation has used Nissan factory in Barcelona, reaching an agreement two hundred low fueled with re-entry Pact in 2012. Workers charged 20 days per year with a minimum of 15,000 euros, and will retain his salary and his face to the reentry category in parallel to this agreement, Nissan also promotes definite casualties fueled with a compensation of 60 days per year worked, with a minimum of 23,000 euros and a maximum of 120,000 euros, including also a plan of relocation type outplacementthrough a company specializing. The measures taken by these two companies are alternatives to the lately too usual ERE s, since not only are voluntary at least theoretically-, but which give the employee certain expectations continue in the future, within three years at Nissan, and between three and five years in BBVA.