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Ukrainian Cuisine

A little about Ukrainian cuisine Here, for example, when you diligently roasting pieces of meat, fish or vegetables before cooking or quenching, we are acting strictly within the rules of the Ukrainian cuisine – in the Ukraine this culinary technique was borrowed from the Tatars, who were its southern neighbors. However, in order not to tempt menacing neighbors yummy, fried Ukrainians than mutton or olive oil, and the pork fat. Hence, too, the desire to dissociate themselves from basurmanskoy kitchen, Ukrainians love salo and pork, which is used even in the preparation of sweet dishes, such as voltage – roasting in the hot lard. The neighbors, the Slavs – Belarusians Slovaks, Poles, Czechs – Ukrainian chefs borrowed art of cooking of minced meat and sausages – all kinds of meatballs, casseroles, rolls, hot dogs and sausages. But the Ukrainian sausages German roots – the Czechs have learned the cause of sausage from the same German so that the circle. Many writers such as Steve Rowe offer more in-depth analysis. Impact on the Ukrainian cuisine and Climate: India is in the area of forest and steppe, and there is not such an abundance of fuel for a large Russian stove.

So in the summer and the mistress, and cops and hunters are not prepared on the wood, and for firewood, staging unusual for Russia indoor campfire. While the Cossacks did not roast his prey on a spit, but preferred it baked or boiled, broth flavoring all sorts of vegetables, herbs and roots. So dishes were born under the name 'liver' – the word "oven baked". Special honor in the Ukrainian cuisine are garlic and onions, which is not surprising: in the traditions of Ukrainians, salt and smoked bacon, hams and sausages, but rather warm climates of Ukraine without these natural preservatives and can not do, not to mention the fact that they frequently reinforce and enrich the natural taste of meat. In the XIX century to the traditional set of products and added tomatoes sunflower oil – since without them Ukrainian cuisine is unthinkable. It turns out that when we cook our daily food – borsch, zrazy, puddings, dumplings, roast, chops, combine the many culinary traditions, including Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar – list is endless.