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Workers Company

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Independence Corruption

In this year of 2011 complete Brazil 189 years of independence of Portugal having in this tried period good situations and many not so good. In these almost two hundred years the country passed of a peripheral nation and without no expression of the economic point of view, social politician and for a country that is ready to be one of the protagonists of the world-wide economy in the next years. It is a country that left of being agrarian to have an industry respected with the job of technologies of most advanced and with the sector of services representing two teros of the GIP and also using technologies and highly qualified hand of workmanship. But our people is living better in all the country? The respect to the people has been practised in our country? The morality in the management of the public resources has been practised systematically in all the country? Since the announcement of independence, Brazil offered improvement of life to its people, exactly having faced periods of turbulences as the dictatorships Vargas and Militar, to have suffered diverse economic crises, the lack of private capital to alavancar an independent economic growth of the foreign capital and the constant problems of external indebtedness leading to many constaints for which the country passed. Still that the State did not hear the critical ones and invested heavily in the creation of industries that could lead to the development at the same time where it made possible the installation of some industries of foreign capital well. This, together with the private internal capitals and other actions of economic policy, provided to the end of the years 1990 terms a strong and respected economy. But the structural problems as the high inflation, the dependence of the foreign capital and the external debt had been basic factors that had taken to the retardation and the magnitude of our development.

Brazil Foods

The novel of the fusing (or sales) of Healthy and the Partridge must be changedded into a novel of long duration, but of emotive chapters. After the great launching of the new Brazilian giant, all the eyes if come back toward the Board of directors of Economic Defense (Cade) of the Ministry of the Justia.Qual will be the position of the Cade? The operation will be dealt with as the Brahma/Antarctica or Nestl/the Boy? Arguments tcnicosAlguns signals already had been given. What one expects is that of beforehand the Cade it disrespects the strategy of the Healthy one and of the Partridge to present the creation of the BR-Foods as a national exporting champion. trafit Lady Stepper. The antitrust agency goes to focar itself with bigger severity in the possibility of competition in the domestic market and will give to importance for the exportations of the new company if they only to prove the capacity to generate profits of efficiency in the production carried through in the Brasil.O fact of the company to allege that it competes with foreign companies in a global market, as the Tyson Foods, the Bunge and the Cargill, it will have to be led in account only with regard to the effect of this production for the consumers in Brazil. The same valley for the capacity of exportation and the opening of verge for the new company: the impact of this capacity will be refined before the domestic market, in profits of innovation in the forms of production and the generation of jobs, for example. When following this line, the Cade intends to technical verify the internal conditions of competition in the diverse food markets reached for the operation, as industrialized meats and chickens, and not them nationalistic arguments of creation of a new company with the acronym ‘ ‘ BR’ ‘ in its prefix. However, in case that the Palace of Plateaus endorses the idea of great Brazilian company in the sector, they will be bigger the pressures for the approval of the business.