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Manuals And Books In The Learning Process

Now more and more popularity among online learning, training via video, and it would seem, books and manuals have to move far into the background. However, it does not, for the reason that amount of information, usually text version is much more extensive than the video. It is not always the video gives detailed answers to all questions. Text version of a good book provides deep insight into the topic expounded. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Crawford Lake Capital Management. Video is convenient because it helps you quickly understand the essence of the subject, its main key points. Manuals and books explain all this plus, nuance. Thus, the reading still remains an important and effective way to learning.

It involved quite different tactile sensations and sensory perceptions, than watching the video. That is why, now, along with submission of video on the web pages often provide a text Alternatively, for example, in education work in different programs, whether it’s audio editors or programs to work with graphics. If you have a video, or if there is a text book, learning to be effective in two ways. Although access to the Internet has given opportunity to purchase a huge quantity of various digital products, yet the desire to read a real book, keep it in your hands and flipping its pages – have not yet disappeared from our memory. And sometimes you want exactly that: something a meaningful, real, meaningful, good tutorial that can be read from cover to cover and then not again return to him in search of an answer to your question.

Yes, today the technology can have a digital book and read it in anywhere, watch videos or listen to audio. It is in their own benefit and convenience, but a good book, in my opinion, does not lose its relevance. Today’s fastest time dictates the rate of learning, so popular with interactivity, but quality of learning involves the penetration into the intricacies of any business and here without written exposition theme just will not do.

Warrick William Shakespeare

It is pleasant to live to me if you I'm like a candle, its light will give. W. Shakespeare. "Pericles" We are lights the sky, as we – the torch – light to others. W. Shakespeare.

"Measure for Measure," presented in the epigraph Shakespeare's words suggest that, in fact, the burden Shame misunderstanding the author of these words lies all the nations of the world. But for all the peoples of the world, except the people of English, this burden is alleviated mediocrity transfers, in which those nations with the works of Shakespeare are introduced. So people who can not read the works of Shakespeare in the language of their author, and do not have to accurately and completely to find out what kind of light carrying people to Shakespeare, even if they wanted to do this by understanding what Goethe in his article on Shakespeare wrote: "… that he says by the mouth of his characters." But it's still here and that is probably all over the world, none of the readers of "Pericles" and "Measure for Measure," including most of Goethe, do not bother to listen to in the epigraph above words of these pieces of the voice of one crying to him by Shakespeare. And yet, though for all the peoples of the world, except the people of English, this burden is eased, it is not removed from them entirely, as evidenced by are quite clear Warrick words in the first scene of Act III the second part of the chronicle, "Henry IV: Is there life for all people a procedure that the last days of nature reveals. Realizing it can anticipate each, with the immediate goal, coming events, a hundred not born yet, but lurking in the depths of this as seeds, seeds of things. They sit out and grow their future. And the immutability of the laws could guess Richard suggesting that by changing it, Northumberland not stop evil seed and flower betrayal of the worst spawn …

(translated by E. Birukovoy somewhat doctored by the author of the article) In fact, in all following his works, including sonnets, it is difficult to understand for people who read these works in translation, but what centuries after the writing of these works would have to be understood, seen, heard by the English, reduced to explaining the meaning of these words Warrick. Author's desire to learn, can ever be washed from the British Shame misunderstanding of the above, makes him give them (the British) by the opportunity to show all the peoples of the world, a world Shakespeare, like Danko, bore them. Russian readers of this miniature is probably enough suggest that the mouth of Warrick William Shakespeare suggested that they begin to draw conclusions from the eternal truth of interdependent co-existence of elements of the past, present and future in every Mige being and existence of people whose loyalty their life, directly or "contradiction" as Northumberland, proves every person without exception. It is useful to see that the conclusions of the true reasons are always the conclusions of this scientific and logical, that manifested in the inevitability of the consequences of misunderstanding and not following them. "The path of the wicked – as darkness: they know not what they stumble" (app.1, 19). So people do not care, sooner or later, will see the light of Shakespeare. And, respectively, the largest, indelible disgrace awaits England when they see it's too late, and last.