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Artificial Intelligence

A team of researchers from the University of the Basque Country, led by Basilio Sierra is working on a robot that can navigate in space. Tartalo able to identify different places and ask permission before will participate. We are accustomed to seeing robots programmed for specific tasks. For example, a robotic arm are well known in the industry. What is surprising, since this is going to see the robot without supporting teams of people and make decisions independently, without prompting.

A few years ago at the University of the Basque Country was designed Marisorgin – robot for posting mail and now Tartalo was included in the project. Who working on the third floor of the Faculty of Computer Science have become accustomed to every day meet Tartalo in the hallways, to meet, but do not collide. This 1.5 meter intelligent machine to avoid obstacles in its path through the sensors, which installed around her body: radar, infrared sensors and laser emitters. For example, lasers measure the distance from the robot to any object within a radius of 180 degrees. It should be noted that the team did not collect Basilio Sierra robot, they only bought it and develop, increasing its capacity. With these sensors and a computer, which is essentially the brain of the robot, Tartalo was able to move from one place to another without any problems. The research team of the Department of Computational Sciences and