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Human Capital

As you can see in the concept of organizational culture previously exposed the element mentioned they are closely linked so that any analysis that is performed on the culture of an organization has to start from the study of values, norms and customs entity’s generals. You may be wondering what resolve to dominate what is organizational culture? what is me in my organization? And will have much reason to raise these questions since a concept or definition help you just if you need it but I think that in this rapidly changing world nobody It is without the need for knowledge. If your company wants to remain on the market, forward or must adapt with competence, and thus must necessarily know the insides of your entity and these internals are not more than the organizational culture with which the company has. Let us take an example. If your company begins to have problems clearly, as does the majority of managers, they begin to consistent mostly on business Diagnostics studies.

If the problem is that the entity is losing ground in the field of the cost of producing the solution easy is the reduction of staff. If the problem is technology simply performs the study and acquires new technology, the question would be do remains how psychic and psychologically staff who was lucky to not be dismissed? does someone believe that they will yield more occupationally and company will quickly afloat? If so there would be no strikes and bankruptcies. On the other hand if we introduce changes technological, i.e. new machinery, new procedures, new methods, who would be those who manipularian those machines, apply new methods and procedures? Do not believe that we are being so naive. Obviously when a company wants to change to improve where first the study must begin or diagnosis is by Human Capital.

First learn about the existing values, taboos, the legends, the popular leaders, set the desired values, periodically check the rules and amend or repeal them if it is necessary, do not put a straitjacket to your institution and especially work very closely with the main resource of enterprises. The men. How to know this? Using Diagnostics cultural, audits of values, with tools such as surveys, interviews, direct and indirect observations, Ideas (Brain Storming) storms and many others which together encourage the necessary information to arrive at conclusions. pper. In future work we will present a procedure which includes several tools that can help them guide to the diagnosis of the organizational culture.