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Business Administration

The Association of Administrators of Carabobo State has not complied with that statement, at least with regard to students in their final semester of the race of Directors, with those who know precisely the powers and functions of the College, is well known that both the Association of Administrators and the School of Business Administration from the University of Carabobo no relations, at least not at the level it should be (school visits to the university administration, lectures, ongoing information, counseling) that allow future graduates to take pride in their school administration even before leaving his home studio. In research that the Programme Management of Quality and Productivity Graduate Area Faces of race (Administrative Career Law), events, seminars, changes in the school, job opportunities, etc. As mentioned strengths human resources. There is no presence of professional bodies in areas where their participation is required (University of Carabobo School of Management). The approaches of any situation affecting the management science professionals are usually late usually the guild is not taken into account, for example, has not been seriously analyzed, the separation of management schools and Accounts for mention one. No permanent information generally must originate from the Federation on matters affecting future graduates in Business Administration and there is no feedback in this regard (the views of professionals). I expect that the current policy is more proactive and rescue the College and this role will lead to much-expected. Entrust it so..