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In England

“” “At seat”, square, foot,”stay” and bring “as basic obedience declared and every dog owner seeks, that his dog regularly and repeatedly lists this nonsense. Even the veterinary offices and our (unsuspecting) politicians believe this fairy tale and are completely shaken when a dog out of line dancing and no longer makes with this nonsense. “” Such a dog has an attitude problem “and comes to the animal psychologists”. So what does an animal psychologist? “Who has learned nothing further (if any), as allegations of misconduct” by the usual methods of education (animal psychologists like to work with treats or clicker = treat) to change this behavior. Typically, they do this with short-term successes. What are trainer and animal psychologists their knowledge in German-speaking countries? There is the case of Knaxus: from the The sporting dog field dates back to service dog area and this in turn caused the teachers of today’s dog trainer! Notice anything? The same teachings are represented to the future animal psychologists. So it’s no wonder that everyone, albeit with different methods spread the same theses (in practice, in education, in publications, etc.) It still worse, a study was that the people with the choice of words is vorgegaugelt, animal Psychology (“it is also because the word studies” means literally from the Gauche, translated nothing other than for something seek”or seeking something”). Study but in our vocabulary associated with a university degree and, as it here did not acknowledge himself a profession is not possible (at least, not in the German-speaking countries). In England and there is at least the possibility in higher education (at a University) to integrate the area of animal behavior science in the United States the animal psychology in the compartment can Human psychology are integrated! This is not possible in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, etc.! The pure and real animal psychology is not even taught! We clarify the concepts for better understanding firstly: Psychology: psychology is the science of the experience, behavior and consciousness of the people of (his mind) behavior: behavior is a central concept of behavioral biology.