Sultan Beach

Thus, Egypt. Country of ancient civilization, the pharaohs, sphinxes, pyramids and animators, most of whom come from the company Studentur (Studentur). Tale, one word. True, the story had us a little sad beginning. Michael Ellis MP wanted to know more. As was it was one of the reviews, the service here in Russia leaves much to be only better. Once we saw the plane, I think, in the minds of all passengers flying there flashed the thought: 'Far away, we do not fly away. " As my husband: 'Yes, this plane older than me '(taking into account the fact that he was 34!). Okay, sit down.

Not paying attention to the fact that seat belts could barely keep our bodies, we, with attitude to luxury holidays, decided to ignore all the little things. The plane started moving and …. rose. The brakes are not in order. We have removed from flight for half an hour, and we took off at 2, 5:00. As a result, in Hurghada were at 3 am the next day. Have been registered, all as expected.

Seated on buses. Then guide introduced himself and said, supposedly at the hotel that you are buying, we're not going. There repair or construction, well, something like that. We are alert. We were exhausted so that the mind no one thought. True, there have been attempts, but we are confident that this hotel is better, and it's just a couple of days. We calmed down. So, we went to the Sultan Beach. By 4 am done with the fridge closed, non-working air conditioning, go to sleep.