The similarity is in all All the people is identical or all the people present concentrical differences? It is possible to stand out that the society passed for three stages of identity, in which in its set is defined absolutely with equal characteristics for all the individuals, however, characteristics that many times are compressed by external factors. The three stages of identity are: equality of the creation, equality of the civilization and equality of the globalization. The Equality of the creation was the occured stage in the primrdios of the life in the Land, when the people lived still in caves or places of the sort. In this period, and as currently, the people were equal, what she compressed the characteristics of the collective, many times were, for example, the visible courage of an only component of the group to hunt an animal, what she placed this person in a prominence position. Already the Equality of the civilization was one of the stages most lasting, that with passing of the years it was passing for one I implement of perfectioning, resulting in the current stage of the Equality of the globalization.

Therefore he is correct to affirm that without the stage of the Equality of the civilization, the current society would not be living in the stage of the globalization. The stage of the Equality of the civilization if more initiates with the first cities or empires ' ' ocidentalizados' ' , as the Roman Empire, and it goes until middle of century XX, when the globalization starts to act strong. In this stage, the people also are equal, however now she has the presence of the inaquality, separating simply the most needed people provided with wealth of. The characteristics of the stage of the civilization if reveal in the current stage of the Equality of the globalization. In the current stage, more than what never, the people are more similar between itself, therefore, because of the globalization, the citizens of the different countries are if interrelating frequently in diverse ways, resulting in one she saves world-wide of behaviors. In period in continuation, exactly with differentiated options of activity, ideology, that is, the life option, the people does not leave of being equal. A person is a brazeness to think that she is total different of the others. A person thinking in such a way must reflect deeply in a comparison on its position of life in relation to the society. Therefore, answering the initial question of this dissertao, all the identical people are concerteza, presenting isolated concentrical differences because of the compression of external factors.