Scouts Javier

Javier Hernandez: First Mexican Manchester United er is one of the shooting stars of his country and is one of the discoveries of the soccer World Cup in South Africa: Javier Hernandez, also called El Chicharito known. The 22-year old Mexican striker was signed on until the end of the last season for Deportivo Guadalajara. For his hometown club, which he held for 13 years the loyalty, he scored a total of 26 goals in 64 games. At his debut at the age of 18, he indicated his talent by immediately 71st he managed a hit. He crowned his last season for Guadalajara with the award as top scorer. In 2009, El Chicharito made his debut in the 1:2-defeat against Colombia in the Mexican national team. In his first game, although no goal succeeded, nevertheless knew to convince the young striker with a template to the goal.

Meanwhile, Hernandez has to present an impressive ratio of nine goals in just 16 appearances in the banking. Even when the He could make World Championship attention with each hit in the games against France and Argentina. His qualities were not hidden also Scouts of several European clubs. Valencia, Wolfsburg, as well as PSV Eindhoven were interested in talent, but Manchester United received the supplement. The amount of the fee, the clubs agreed silence.

According to press reports, Manchester should have sent around twelve million euros to Deportivo Guadalajara. Hernandez signed in April 2010 a contract for a term of five years, making it the first Mexican ever wearing the Jersey of the English Vice master. The striker one convinces his quickness, his goal threat as well as Chico graduated. On the other hand he is considered due to his enormous bounce very head strong despite a body size of only 1, 75 m. He owes his nickname by the way his father Javier Hernandez Gutierrez, who due to his green eyes as El Chicharo (the pea”) was known. However, his son was nicknamed in the diminutive Chicharito, to German Erbschen. Hernandez inherited not only his pet name of the father, even the footballing talent was attributed to him in the cradle. Because both his father and his grandfather both played for the Mexican national team and took part as now Javier even, each at a World Championship.