In nature we have at our disposal a food that is delicious, healthy, economical which helps lose weight, it provides calcium to the bones, which is easy to digest, which benefits the gastrointestinal flora, which can be eaten alone, to the natural, with cereal, in soups, salads, casseroles, desserts, which is useful for skin, that everything can be achieved year and everywhere. This food, almost miraculous, is yogurt. Creamy he tasted with delight, its aroma is perceived to be soft and pleasant freshness fills the cavity oral for the pleasure of whoever eats it, this is a food with tradition, legend and of ancient origin. Many villages in the central regions of Europe know its great nutritional properties and a food highly prized, especially by nomadic peoples. This food is a live food, full of micro-organisms that are responsible for both food and medicinal properties. These living organisms that made an incredible role in our body are called Lactobacilli. Four of these can be found in yogurt and are: bulgaricus, casei, acidophilus and bifidus. It is recommended to consume when less once daily a portion of yogurt in their natural state mixed with cereals, because it balances the intestinal flora.

Remember that yogurt contains lactobacillus, and to include them in our food renews the intestinal flora, helps remove gases and therefore reduces bloating, stimulates the body’s defenses, since Lactobacilli Act how probiotic (Pro-life). They are microorganisms or the good bacteria, which quickly colonize the flora of the intestines, forming a natural barrier against harmful bacteria, i.e., bad. Many gastrointestinal ailments are used (anti life) broad spectrum antibiotics, which destroy all forms of bacterial life, or end up with bad and good. Why is recommended before, during and after treatment with antibiotics increase yoghurt consumption, to promote and strengthen the intestinal flora. To stimulate the body’s defenses, becomes in an effective advocate against common colds and other viral infections.