Portreit Mode

format. Selection vertical or gorizantalnogo format and layout of the object it affects as much background will be seen in the image. Housed in the center and close to the camera object reduces the amount of background in the photo. Receptions crop is usually used very actively, but this should not prevent the creation of a successful portrait. The horizontal format is often appropriate to create portraits in the environment.

Using a vertical format for the this portrait implies that the wedding photographer must move over away from the object to show the background. Image of two or more people. Combining two or more people in the frame of a portrait can presents some difficulties. The physical space between people is an important factor when reading images. For a portrait of two people close the distance between them can create problems. Often for achieve a compact composition, makes optimum use of the space frame is required precise choice point shooting or placement of objects.

Wedding photographers are often faced with a situation where two persons sit or stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder. If you get closer to the people in front, the distance between them seem larger. Solve the problem can be shifted slightly to the side or putting people in a staggered manner with respect to chamber. Depth of field. Complex 35 – millimeter slr cameras often have a feature called Portreit Mode (portrait mode). If you choose this pre-set mode is automatically set combination of shutter speed and aperture, providing correct exposure and desired visual effect to the background was not in focus, that is, there would be a shallow depth of field.