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Tools Information

Having a blog on the WordPress platform is something that anyone wishing to start a business online can do, so can start to promote not only your personal brand, but will allow other people to know about it, are aware of his work and that is what you have to contribute to the community. Remember that the majority of people entering Internet information search, and where most valuable utility or them, better still. Taking as its premise the foregoing the blog become the best tool to get started with our online business. Now, the reality online is that there are thousands of blogs in niche markets existing on the internet most and with only search information to the creation of blogs online you will find thousands of blog that we talk about this topic. But the disadvantage is that separate the valuable information that really can come in handy for our project that can make us lose time and money, is not necessarily as easy.

Surely many of us already have experience in this subject, unfortunately we agreed to information of people who only try to take advantage of our disinformation and offer us tools that all they do is leave us more clueless, losing time and money. In internet there are countless websites that show us how to start to create a blog on WordPress, usually most has some course that can provide us the task to a large extent, but caution always remember the results we obtain them with our own efforts and by more instructive to be the course or tools if we do not put anything on our part continue to remain where we started. I like one of the many entrepreneurs online also at the beginning search multiple sources of information to create blogs and on the way I met thousands of problems, even contact some of the authors of blogs that had created courses in order to help newbies and say some because others I got no responses, mostly I found information that was not updatedthey didn’t have a help then begin to work with their tools, they lacked support so it was almost impossible to contact them later, and the guarantee of its operation were scarce; so it ends almost giving up the attempt.


In today’s society, is overestimating the appearance and physical beauty. Thinness is taken as a supreme value, so many people comment on acts that put at severe risk their health to enter these ideal models. Like anorexia and bulimia eating disorders grow every day at an alarming rate and do not exist until the political moment of prevention that can curb this phenomenon. In this desperate struggle to achieve the lowest possible weight, the obese is seen as something what you are afraid and don’t want to be. Obese people suffer constant humiliation and discrimination in a society that is not adapted to them, cursed them and rejects them. While obesity is a disease that needs treatment, it can not be excluded to the obese until he made the decision to recover his health.

Society should accept and respect the person exceeded weight and give you the same opportunities as the rest of the individuals. People tend to think that it is so because you want to, has no will or not slimming. Go to the obese as someone devoid of will and commitment, an uncertain and unfounded prejudice. Many employers take these and other arguments to reject them. Also, believe (or say believe) is a disease that affects the performance of employment duties. While this may be true in some cases, there are many tasks that can develop thin or obese people alike.

Obesity does not affect intellectual capacity. Discrimination is not only seen in the rejection of others. The obese feel excluded when it comes to dressing, travel by public transportation, or attend certain public places. Clothing stores excluded people of large size, being almost impossible to get clothes in sizes above average. The obese are forced to buy their clothes in special shops of dubious taste and at prices well above normal. A morbid obese can have serious difficulties to travel by airplane, train or bus. The seats are small and are very close, so the obese person does not fit comfortably. Many people avoid sitting next to them on public transport and there are no seats specially adapted for obese people, some companies require to pay for two tickets. In cinema, theater and other entertainment venues also have appropriate seats, so many choose to ban entry to the obese arguing that the infrastructure of the place is not suitable for them. We now know that obesity is a disease and not a lack of will or character, obesity has been treated successfully by surgical means and is now known as metabolic surgery or obesity is one of the safest and most effective methods to end obesity. Greetings, Hector Bernal original author and source of the article.

Colombia Detective

The private Detective profession every day attracts to more people around the world that is very lucrative, as well as exciting for the lovers of the private investigation. Every day there are more companies, families, professionals, who require services of private detectives. The private Detectives can be men or women, there are no differences, even women show have more conditions than men, in this activity. UD Senora, senorita if desired can venture into this lucrative activity must follow a course, learn Criminalistics, dactiloscopy, private investigation, there are so many courses, so many entities, training centres, ud may choose in a wide range of opportunities. When we speak of private detectives, who are not part of the police force, we refer to people who are hired by private individuals for specific cases. Usually they move independently and have with its own analysis of the evidence system as well as various technological equipment. Although this idea of private detective may sound today day very fantastic, it is true and it is customary to use the detective to solve economic, loving, labour conflicts, etc.

Take into account prior to study to become a detective the following: 1.-that is with a higher institution. 2.-That taught with modern methods, could do it online, via email, in classroom, choose whichever is to your liking. 3. Take their studies seriously. 4. Go slowly buying computers that need, there are varied.

5. In your home, apartment, make a space, place your desk, Cabinet, phone and ready. That could be its first Office. 6. Make your advertising, its promotion of services on the internet, is more economical than newspapers, radio and tv. 7 Get various all kinds of jobs changing, you will need to dress up and investigate. 8 Be very honest, have ethics, be loyal to their customers. 9. Do not hesitate to ud, complete with what starts, don’t be discouraged, ud can make it… 10.-If you need help email us to will give you all the guidance you need, we are to their orders. There are ladies, young ladies who work currently as private Detectives in Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, USA, with great professionalism, great commitment, very well equipped. It is good idea to work with colleagues, unite to work together. There is a women’s name private detective agency in Peru: Detectivas group Phoenix. They are very efficient, you can find information about them in the yellow pages. A detective friend told me that it was charging 10,000 dollars for a research paper that was going to have occupied 3 months, should travel according to some girls, take photos, information of all their movements, etc. The family that contract, wanted to know all about the friendships of College daughters, which apparently were improperly influencing the girls, since one of them said that you had been stolen his car, but apparently was not so. It sold, to give money to these bad friends, which seems they wanted to buy drugs and send them abroad there are many reasons why entrepreneurs, they request the services of private detectives, this was one of them. Sonria and be happy. Author original and source of the article.

How To Choose A Successful Ebook

We all know that having a library where books that we almost wish this House outside our scope for two reasons, that we would have to invest money and space to host all those books. while until a couple of years ago they started to placed on the market different handheld devices that allow the reading of text documents, in reality in our country not reached the needs of those who wish to spend some time reading, since LCDs end up tiring view preventing good reading and enjoy a good read. Thus arose screen readers designed specifically for the readings of the ebooks that renewed the concept of screens, electronic ink becomes more and more popular and differences in paper books are extremely inexpensive and almost unlimited access. Having a reader ebook r allows us to have hundreds of books in the physical space that occupies a magazine or a newspaper’s role (or less) and, in addition, we run with the advantage of being able to upload or purchase new with great simplicity, already that these devices can connect to the computer to add books, or connect to online stores to buy them, in the place where we are, either in the tranquility of our home or in a hotel room, if it is that we we travel. But while we have thousands of books by selecting arises the question how to choose a good ebook? Well its author one of the tracks that we can recognize a good ebook is a good lecturer tends to be a good writer, because he knows reaching the reader. The recommendations are also good if several people speak from some book is because something good has, ask the people steeped in the subject to read, or to study art they give you a good guide to also select a good ebook. Don’t be guided by the cover or the ebook cover since these tend to be created by designers in order to attract the reader’s attention but that does not ensure that it is good in content.

Do not buy more than one book because at the end you will have many unread ve slowly tomato your time and choose a good theme. Read free and not you steal and choose authors that you have already read previously. Atte. Luis Chicas Dir. Cel. 7751-4276 Original author and source of the article.


Stress is the result of our internal reaction to what happens to us and demands that we must comply, so therefore, to adequately confront the stress must work into its two components: the external factor (what happens us) and internal (our reaction). We usually limit the vision of stress to the foreign agent that produces it: a traffic jam, the excess of work, etc. However, this way of approaching the stress is not correct, since the same events do not affect everyone equally and also puts the person suffering as a passive spectator, as if it were something inevitable, when it is not. Depend on each person, it happens that situations that cause a severe stress in some subjects in other people trigger reactions pleasant and exciting. Stress arises when our inner reaction is thus of discomfort or distress. People generally increase your stress level with one much greater than their own environment supervision: the student who always aspires to the highest note, or in work, we usually require us much more than our own boss. It should not confuse stress, which occurs when there is discomfort with the motivation or the challenge, what comes to be called positive stress. That malaise or discomfort reaction has two veritentes: Physics (nervousness, hypertension, etc.) and psychological (anxiety, anguish, frustration, etc.). When the stress level affects a normal life, or better, development before it reaches this to occur, ideally consulted with a psychologist to learn how to dominate and overcome stress. Original author and source of the article.

Edmund Burke

As example, the affirmation of the taste for the gtica architecture, that appeared in the half of century XVIII. ___________________ Pathos is a word Greek who means passion, excess, catastrophe, ticket, passivity, suffering and assujeitamento. The philosophical concept was brother-in-law for Discardings to assign everything what if it makes or it happens of new generally is called (by philosophers) of pathos. That one that was considered ruin, for the neoclssico concept, starts to have an only appreciation, taking taste for the desproporcionalidade and irregularity. The ruin is, then, appreciated accurately for its incompletude, for the signals that the inexorable time left to them. 5 EDMUND BURKE Are in England that comes to the treated most important light on the concept, a Philosophical Inquiry on the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime one and the Beauty, 1757, of Edmund Burke.

Burke presents the sublime one as a modality of ampler the aesthetic experience, found not only in literature. According to its definition, the nature of the sublime one becomes related it the infinite and, over all, to the feeling of the terror. Burke affirms not to be capable to explain the causes of the Sublime effect and Beautiful it, but the question that if places is: how can the terror be delighting? its reply is: ' ' when not threat very of perto' '. This means that pain and terror are cause of Sublime if they are not really harmful. It stops Burke, ' ' everything what it serves for, in some way, to excite the ideas of pain and danger or turns on terrible objects, or operates in analogous way to the terror, is origin of the sublime one; that is, he is .causing of the strongest emotion that the mind is capable of sentir' '. One of the first workmanships to emphasize the suggestion power as basic element for the imagination – ' ' the dark, confused and uncertain images, more than what those clear ones and determined, have on the fancy great a bigger power to form paixes' ' -, the treated one to Burke signals a distanciamento in relation to the classic and racionalistas ideas of the beginning of century XVIII, announcing concerns that would come to be explored by the romantismo.

Tourist Attractions

Those that thinks to visit east London weekend would do well in attending the Festival of Shorts of London and relaxing after to have spent a morning enjoying of the tourist attractions London. The seventh edition of the festival gave to beginning Friday 8 of January with an inauguration celebration the past in which they participated several well-known disc-jockeys. The assistants to the festival the past Saturday could enjoy Club DES Femmes, a platform that pays tribute to the music composers and includes shorts of Carol Morley and Miranda Pennell. Club DES Femmes took place in cinema one of the Institute of Contemporary Arts. After a behind schedule filled one with interesting events, the day arrived at its aim with News Shorts 4: Midnight Movies.

This selection of shorts of directors of independent cinema included works that went of the surrealismo to the pure and hard terror. Between strong plates of Sunday they were News Shorts 7: How Long is Short? and Rich Pickings Presents: Lolita. On the other hand, those that glide to visit London and prefer a spectacle of greater duration instead of a short they could go to the Apollo Theater Victory of London to enjoy the Wicked musical comedy, that the past year it collected more than 30 million Euros. The network of public transport that still connects the tourist attractions of London finds in operation Those that glide to visit London in the next weeks could be worried before the possibility that the meteorological inclemencies prevent them to enjoy the different tourist attractions from London. Nevertheless, the mayor of London has assured that the network of transport of the city will remain in operation. Boris Johnson, the mayor of London, maintained that the city still owns considerable amounts of salt and the machines snowplows are clearing as much resident traffic lanes so that as visitors can move with greater comfort.

Argentine Government

External debt and bonds in Default. The Exchange: who benefits? We all expectantly to what is happening in the Argentina Republic in relation to the payment of debt in default by resorting to the use of the accumulated reserves in the nation’s Central Bank. The argument of the Argentine Government to pay debt with the aforementioned reservations is the urgent need to improve the international image of the country and in this way encourage potential investors to renew their confidence and to return to buy the new bonds, which will be issued, agreed after a difficult negotiation with the creditor banks. This decision, the cancel debt by resorting to reservations, it has generated a raspido confrontation between the Argentine Government and the opposition, and is reflected in a paralyzed National Congress which fails the necessary agreements and has led them to rely on more than one occasion, to the judiciary, to make this intervention and what prevents both contenders, Government and opposition, trying to perform. Faced with this panorama, the International banking, which qualifies the State of debt, has noticeably improved the same rating, noting some rejoicing in the unpaid, and depreciated bondholders face the possibility of huge profit, materialize the terms in which the Government proposes the negotiation. Well, who are the current holders of the bonds in question? To answer this question, I suggest we make a slight compilation of certain events that make the origin of the first buyers of bonds issued by the Argentine State, as they arose and what have been the reasons that caused them to acquire them. Let’s see: Opportunity to be in countries with economies developed, I was interested by the situation of large sectors of the population, who, prompted by an extremely aggressive propaganda, they had fallen into the clutches of consumerism, reaching extremes truly worrying insofar as its ability to maintain a basic balance in the increasing difference between their limited income and growing indebtedness as a result of the greed to consume everything that offered them through increasingly tempting offers.

The Decriminalization Of Marijuana

JOSE BRECHNER if adults want to take chances with marijuana, is their problem partially Ronald Reagan following the steps of Mexico, which decriminalized the use small amounts of marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and methamphetamine, the Argentina last August decriminalized possession of marijuana for personal use. Other countries that are considering doing the same are Brazil and Colombia. Argentine law contains empty subject to subjective interpretation, because it does not specify what is considered acceptable amount for individual consumption. Their use is not permitted if it affects others, but does not make clear if they should be in public places, and does not speak of the right to culture for private use, among other flaws. If these aspects is not contemplated, the measure remains in a confusing space, leaving too much scope of elucidation to define what is permissible or not. If we want to prevent illegal trafficking of marijuana, which is the real problem behind the plant, since the consumption of cannabis ever killed at anyone, must authorize its cultivation non-profit.

Otherwise, the mafias will continue controlling its commodification, at the time offered other indisputably dangerous substances. The marijuana that is sold in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, comes from the Paraguay. It is of poor quality, it comes pressed into bricks, with leaves, twigs and seeds included. Peasants, through ignorance, and to obtain higher profits, mixed plants of different species, females with males, healthy and rotted, that produce atypical effects, no matter if contain fungus, vermin or any organism harmful to health. Their buyers obviously cannot complain to suppliers or pretend to get something better. In United States marijuana has been decriminalized in 13 States, and is legal for medical use in California, where it is sold to the public in the Green Bars (green bars), that they are expanding. These premises can be obtained more than 300 different varieties of cannabis, which has been cultivated by expert agronomists, achieving high products quality, with psychedelic characteristics to their species.

The Passenger

I do not want to leave negative traces in my departure, therefore he was with the positive points, that I raised my life, I pleased the almost all, I disliked few, exactly those without love, solidarity, without no human value and more still those that if find superiors in any sector of the life. To each return that I give on me, I remember the moments that had marked this passage of many happinesses, and that at some moments, it saw many injustices, and with much indignation, my revolutionary side was born, making of my words a sanguinrios weapon, that wound these worms of the power, and racists, leaving a good vision to that they follow this revolution. To each day I feel my good bye, move away myself from my proper, am thankful all, that had smiled and cried with me, therefore in the smile I find many friends, and in the tears alone the true ones had continued of my side, and each time that eye, I thank the God to me for it rewards, for having known the love and to have filled all the gaps, me damage forces to face my weaknesses, raising my being to each lost battle, and shared my conquests with all the friends. During my day my company was the love to that they had shared this feeling: wife, mother, (father), son, brothers and friends. I know that I was an awardee, therefore I loved and I was loved, in this life of much luck, therefore also I know that he is next the old one I hug of the death, of it I do not have fear, I feel not to have carried through all the dreams, but exactly thus, I am grateful for what I carried through, I traveled in my being and me I knew entirely, I will leave my alive love, therefore in this life I am plus a passenger