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Romanesque San Nicolas

Route of the lamb: well known in Segovia with roast lamb. This route of the Lamb, allows travel part of the province from Segovia to Pedraza, enjoying this typical delicacy of the area through its taverns, grills and restaurants; and know this rural and mountainous area.We can make the first stop in Torrecaballeros, where we can contemplate its Romanesque San Nicolas de Bari Church, although the popularity of this town is due more to their grills rather than the attractiveness of its monuments and streets. Continuing along the road of Soria find Sotosalbos, which boasts a beautiful Romanesque church, San Miguel, 11th century. Near Collado hermoso, this temple we can visit the ruins of the old Cistercian Monastery of Santa Maria de la Sierra, in the 13th century. We also have Inns good food in both villages. Few kilometres later, catching detour towards Pedraza and next to the road, lies the Hermitage of Ntra. Ms.

las Vegas (Santiuste de Pedraza), Romanesque church built on what were the remains of a Roman villa that remains of paintings have been found. And continuing our path we reach the impressive Pedraza. Stands in the castle town, precious emblazoned houses of the village, the arcaded plaza mayor, the Palace of the Inquisition or so-called door of the jail, are evidence of the greatness of which Pedraza enjoyed until well into the 17TH century. Capital of suckling lamb in Segovia. To stay nothing better than El Pajar de Pedraza, in Santiuste de Pedraza. Before leaving for other routes and return to eat good lamb in other villages like Sacramenia and Sepulveda.

Kisses Perfumed

A kiss may be the a simple rubbing of caresses of those who say little and to garnish with a look to complement are that transport us to a place almost flying without wings those that make us forget from where we come like that first kiss are that in addition to caress us body caress us the soul give us a feeling of searing securitydo, tell us nothing will produce happen you calm are those that are given by custom as when put you one jediel sugar to coffee and are also received by routine to the point that we ask ourselves a few minutes has given me a kiss before you leave? They are the kisses of fairy tales and why not add them if they have a lot of true as that magical Kiss received the maiden of the forest and awakened from a long slumber. Many live numb, in this system. The kisses of passion, that make us panicking and we rush to intense and unforgettable moments those kisses do not die ever. They are also the kisses given by years of coexistence, as these couples of elders who you look at them and it seems that when they kiss in their retinas circulates in a movie all those difficulties and joys that have spent together and that recorded every fold of her skin, aromas of red from a walk along the beach at hand. The almost sacred kiss that a mother gives her child when wearing it for the first time to the school or a grandmother who has that unmistakable flavor to honey. They are the kisses given in the forehead as a sign of tenderness, respect and blessing, those that occur without a shred of physical attraction are kisses cigars are very much like flowers because when given leave us skin, perfumed, and full of gratitude for having given and fueled our five senses, because each kiss is a food for the soul.

Relationship Working

Monday brunch with the proposal of BBVA for employees with a minimum age of eight years in the State: are eligible for a temporary suspension of the employment contract, paid 30% of the annual fee, with a minimum of 12,000 euros for a period of between three and five years at the time of crisis that currently livesthe entity understands that as a way of making more flexible the employment relationship that reconcile the needs of the entity and the template. Although the return is guaranteed, in such a long period is likely that a high percentage of those who avail themselves to her ending non returning to the Bank (according to sources of the entity itself), either because they find other work that satisfies them, assemble a business on their own, or become officials. This will allow BBVA to reduce costs while lasts the juncture adverse, waiting that the economy returns to the positive path (not likely to replace to those who go to hire anyone, but normal will be that they distribute the work) among those who remain). By the way, this could mean that, according to this proposal, the BBVA expects that the negative economic situation lasts between three and five years. A similar pattern of delayed relocation has used Nissan factory in Barcelona, reaching an agreement two hundred low fueled with re-entry Pact in 2012. Workers charged 20 days per year with a minimum of 15,000 euros, and will retain his salary and his face to the reentry category in parallel to this agreement, Nissan also promotes definite casualties fueled with a compensation of 60 days per year worked, with a minimum of 23,000 euros and a maximum of 120,000 euros, including also a plan of relocation type outplacementthrough a company specializing. The measures taken by these two companies are alternatives to the lately too usual ERE s, since not only are voluntary at least theoretically-, but which give the employee certain expectations continue in the future, within three years at Nissan, and between three and five years in BBVA.

Mediterranean Cultural

The Mallorcan was the sole Spanish candidature presented this year. A Committee reviews until the next June 29 35 nominations of natural, cultural and mixed sites that aspire to be world heritage sites. The natural landscape of the Serra de Tramuntana of Mallorca has entered a part of the list of the world heritage, as reported by sources of UNESCO. The Committee of world heritage, which took the decision Monday, examines up to the next on June 29 in Paris 35 nominations of natural sites, cultural and mixed that aspire to be world heritage sites. The Mallorcan was the sole Spanish candidature submitted this year to the Committee, which began its work on June 19, and was included in the category of cultural landscape. Excellent preservation of the footprints left by different civilizations that crossed its territory until today was one of the values highlighted in the voluminous dossier of presentation, which unveiled the Director general of fine arts of the Ministry of culture of Spain, Maria Angeles Albert de Leon.

Their new Spanish site’s world heritage values has a central area that stretches 30.745 hectares of the Balearic Islands saw and covers such as Banyalbufar and Deia emblematic locations. It also includes a so-called area of damping, which has an extension of 52.760 hectares of land and maritime 25.857. The great richness of the vegetation and the fauna of the place, plus the landscape value of the saw, the villages that are in it and also the fincas, the possessions; as well as the religious centres, maritime heritage, customs, traditional ways of life and their values ethnographic and artistic, conformed the candidacy. Considered the natural space of greater cultural and landscape value of the island, this Balearic saw and its cultural landscape are also an exceptional example of Mediterranean agricultural landscape, as it combines the irrigation of Islamic origin from hydraulic systems with systems of cultivation of the olive and the vine of Christian origin. The new world heritage site managed a great support citizen and also received the impulse of famous foreign lovers of Mallorca, as the singer Patti Smith and actor Michael Douglas, who joined the campaign moves a finger by Serra, driven by the Consell de Mallorca. Source of the news: the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca, declared World Heritage site by UNESCO

International Cycling Union

The cyclist Saxo Bank pinteno will look for his fourth victory in the French round. It recognizes that it will be a very difficult challenge after his recent victory in the Giro of Italy. Counter can compete after the decision of the TAS to defer the view to decide on appeals after his acquittal after the positive 2010. The Spanish Alberto Contador, Saxo Bank, has confirmed in his town of Pinto which intends to compete in the Tour de France 2011 and seeking his fourth victory in the gala round. After the first March cicloturista that bears his name, the pinteno announced its participation and cleared the doubts about his presence to return to winning, what he did in 2007, 2009 and 2010. Contador, who has also won the Giro of Italy in 2008 and 2011 and return to Spain in 2008, can compete after learning of the decision to the Court of arbitration for sport (TAS) to defer the view on the resources presented by the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against his acquittal after a positive in the French race in 2010.

Contador admitted that he knows that a difficult challenge is to run the Tour after great effort and wear accumulated to impose in the turn, and in the last race that has made has not been the best and could just get in better conditions on the return to Spain. However, he explained that motivates him attempting to return to win the most important test by stages of the calendar against the best of the bunch, and that more than one decade ago that no one WINS in the same year the Giro and the Tour. Miguel Indurain came in 1992 and 1993. It is a challenge. Why same both I have meditated on it, I have been talking with the team, it was a decision that I have taken in conjunction with Bjarne Riis.

There is no doubt that for the team it is essential for me to be there, and for the sponsors, and also influences the amount of people that encourages you to keep you, said Contador. The Spanish rider now plans to rest everything possible. I prefer to lose even the shape, but above all to get rested. I insist much, but the people who have been in the Rotation can attest of toughness that has had, he said. Counter believed to have saved season after winning the Giro and assured that tour will be with desire and to try to fight for victory, but without forgetting what you have in your legs. He admitted, after seeing the tour, that the last week can be long and considered that its main rivals may a priori be brothers Andy and Frank Schleck, Leopard Trek, this campaign focused on the Tour. They are doing a very good preparation, in California have had a high level, Frank walked very well in the classic and in the Criterium international. And not only them, also the powerful team they have. Undoubtedly, they will be corridors that mark rrencia, he said. Source of the news: Alberto Contador confirms its presence on Tour 2011


The trip of the Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa could not have been more rough, dotted with errors and uncertainties, but eventually returned and achieved its goal of bringing samples obtained on the asteroid Itokawa to Earth. That it had managed to bring some extraterrestrial genuinamente it was revealed shortly after the descent of the capsule in Australia in June of last year, but the results of the exhaustive analysis of the samples are now known. The main conclusion of the scientists is that particles of rock of the Itokawa of type S are identical to the majority of meteorites called Chondrites that fall on the ground, or other words that Chondrites are chunks of rocky asteroids type S. Chondrites are the most primitive solar system objects, so these asteroids should be authentic records of the history of the early days of the Sun and the planets. Source of the news:: the first samples brought from an asteroid are as meteorites

Northern United States

The company ensures that the pipe was revised a few months ago. Tens of kilometers of the River are affected. At least thousand barrels of oil were poured last weekend to the Yellowstone River, in the U.S. State of Montana, after breaking a pipe underground owned company ExxonMobil, reported oil said in a statement. The rupture occurred the Friday night between the towns of Laurel and Billings and pushed crude oil to nearly 130 miles away, forcing local authorities to order evacuations in the margins of the River. Exxon, which discovered the disaster Saturday morning, later said that the pipeline had been plugged, although it has not yet determined the cause of the accident. We recognize the seriousness of the incident and we are working hard to solve it, said the Chairman of the company, Gary Pruessing, according to the statement in Billings.

Pruessing said that Exxon has launched this Sunday a detailed plan indicating publicly How are cleaning up oil that have already located and how are still looking for remnants of crude oil. Severe floods suffered by several States in Central and Northern United States is one of the possible factors that points the Department of disasters and emergencies of Montana, that warns of overflows are hampering cleanup tasks. Authorities fear current to move the oil to the Missouri River, from which the Yellowstone is a tributary, and the consequent black tide reaches Dakota North. Exxon and State response teams appealed Saturday to various mechanisms to try to absorb the oil in the River, and hoped today receive reinforcements specialized in responding to spills. We’re bringing together experts from across the country in order to clean crude oil, said Pruessing. Another blow to the reputation of Exxon, the largest oil company publicly traded in the world, was marked in 1989 when the Exxon Valdez tanker ran aground on the coast of Alaska and poured more than 40 millions of gallons of crude oil into the sea, in what is considered one of the greatest environmental catastrophe in history. After the accident, which marked a before and an after in the American oil industry, Exxon point to improve their safety standards. However, the company continues starring like other oil giants, dozens of spills every year in the country’s rivers, which often go unnoticed by their impact relatively minor spills that occur at sea. Source of the news: broken pipe of ExxonMobil poured 1,000 barrels of crude oil to the Yellowstone River

Minimum Data Set

In national scope, a study it told the way used for the elaboration of an archetype of system informatizado for support to the decision, using the NANDA, the NIC and the NOC (13). The use of the NIC in the practical assistencial also demonstrated to be boarding of significant interest for the inquiry on the NIC between the analyzed works. A time is considered that the relative studies to this boarding are, in fact, of great interest for the research concerning this taxonomy, that the same one offers relative standardized language to the interventions of nursing, that is, to the actions that the nurses carry through in its daily one and possess, then, significant proximity with the practical assistencial. In this perspective, it enters the studies carried through in international scope, was elaborated a study that objectified to identify to the effect of the reminiscncia therapy proposal for the NIC between aged with depression, interned in a clinic, and to compare its effectiveness with the traditional form of the therapy of reminiscncia used in this place (14). In study carried through in Korea, to interventions and results in submitted patients had been identified disgnostic, the abdominal surgery. These they had been compared with the NIC and also with the Classification of the Results of Enfermagem (NOC). The authors recommend the accomplishment of more studies of validation of the taxonomias in the different countries (15). Other carried through studies are mentioned: ) to the development of a form to register the practical one of nursing in public health, based in the standardized languages of nursing, between them, the NIC (16); b) to the description of the practical one of nursing in parquias* using NMDS (Nursing Minimum Data Set) and the NIC to codify the elements of cares of nursing (17); c) to the identification of the interventions and activities of nursing used by nurses of public health in the cares in domicile to the gestante of high risk, in the prenatal period (18); d) to the description of the use of the NIC in a cardiovascular unit of intensive cares and the paper of the service of education in this direction, having been identified, among others aspects, that the professionals who already work with the nursing disgnostic they had been more apt to the use of the NIC (19); e) to the description and validation of nursing disgnostic and interventions in the practical one, being that the interventions had been submitted to the project of Iowa for revision and consideration for the second edition of the NIC (20).

National Parks

Closely together they are the National Parks and their splendid scenes. And all this with a smooth climate that goes up to around 20C. National park of Cairngorn, Aviemore, Scotland. The Highlands (High Earth) Scottish has their own greatness and mysticism, and in good day, there is no more beautiful place in all Great Britain. The hikers more dared they can try with ” Munro Bagging” , a challenge that consists of crowning all tops 910 superiors to mts (munros). Their Lagos and forests, more down, give the option you of calmer strolls.

It tastes the local kitchen or if you have thought to do picnic aprovisinate in Rothiemurchus Farm. The Colorado, Chile the Colorado is a center of ski near Santiago, to 40 km by good routes. Located on the Colorado Hill, in the Mountain range of the $andes, it is a good option to ski during the summer. Next to resorts of the Stack and Snow-covered Valley, it forms the major and better area of ski of all South America. Certainly it will be one more a more interesting experience to tell your return that if you had gone to the Alps, no? Blue Mountains, the New Wales of the South, Australia To only 90 minutes in car from Sydney we found this region, anchored in the Great Dividing Mountain range. The Blue Mountains reaches a height of 1100 meters and thus is called by the great amount of eucalyptuses that there are in the zone, that when giving off their oil to the air produces a bluish mist. The zone it is a virgin national park with a great amount of footpaths and viewpoints.

Katoomba is the main tourist center and the area of visualization of the Three Brothers – famous rock pinnacles on the cliff. Drakensburg mountains, South Africa Patrimony of the Humanity, this mountainous region of 243,000 hectares has been during long time a great attraction for the visitors. The zone counts on abundant protected wild fauna. Safaris is very popular, although you can make senderismo by marked routes, to explore to your own rate, or to see rock art in the caves of Bushman. Another option is to visit the battlefields where British, Zuls and Boer (old Colonising Dutch) they faced, to know something on modern history of South Africa. It finds flights to Johannesburg. National park Kinabalu, Malaysia the central piece of the national park is Monte Kinabalu, the highest tip in the Southeast of Asia. In spite of its height of 4,101 meters, without specialized equipment or much experience, you will be able to arrive at the top if you have a pair of strong legs. Its great variety of fauna and natural flora, inhabiting tropical low earth, rainy forests, and tropical mountain forests, will turn these three days of scaling into a memorable ascent.

Brazil More

The professional with the specialized formation appeared then. Today them organizations to be competitive will have that to produce more, to generate new prescriptions and to define expenses. The trend then is to reduce the personnels and to demand more produtividades of that to remain employed. But facing moments of greaters or minors conflicts in relations between used and employers, the challenge of the administration of the human resources and to keep the man power of the integrated, motivated and produced company. We will be able to cite with more details when they had been the periods of the management of the RH in Brazil: 1930 WORKING PRE-JURIDICO: economic depression, absence of legislation, simple tasks and instrumental elementary school; 1930/1950, BUREAUCRATIC: creation of labor law, routines of staff, notes, franquesia, payments wages; 1950/1960, TECNISISTA: industrial, textile, siderurgical, chemical development, first steps for the donation of routines of RH (R& H.

training); 1960/1980, SISTEMISTA: first positions of you manage in RH, emphasis in the program of training supported by the government, PAT, SESMT, first you practise of management participativas-CCO? s, shy programs of performance evaluation; 1980/1990, INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS ENTEGRADAS: syndical pressures, formation of leadership, models of management DOWSIZING REENGENHARIA; 1990 DEEP STRUCTURAL REFORMS: valuation of the human talentos, high speed, productivity, continuous learning, management of the information, knowledge, enterprise excellency, fusing of the organizations. CHIAVENATO (2003) appraises the RH as an area to interdisciplinar that it has the capacity of involves innumerable deriving concepts of some areas. For dealing directly with the human being, that is, individuals with different personalities or that it requires of any specialist in the area of human resources good experiences and a good volume of knowledge in different areas. IT HISSES (2002, p, 224), affirms that, the main managemental interest is to motivate the employees to reach the organizacionais objectives in an efficient and efficient way.