October Revolution

It is better to go to Golutvin. The street has become wider and the buildings have changed, now it's neat 'Stalinist' and high-rise house of a later period. Ground floors houses are occupied by small shops, only from networkers' Dixie ',' MTS 'and local' 'wood'. We reach the area of the Rebellion. This is the main transport and trading area of Kolomna. Here is Union Station 'Golutvin', the new building bus and several large shopping centers (shopping mall 'Rio', TC 'Kado') and about a dozen small and medium-sized shopping centers (TC 'Mirrored', TC 'Privokzalniy' TC 'Maximum'). Many commercial halls, points of public catering.

From fast food is McDonalds, 'Wee-potatoes' (stationary pavilion). Of networkers are 'seventh continent', 'Spar' and other famous brands. After passing the area Rebellion move on. Literally over 200 meters big clothing market, located a little further building market 'Home', in front of him – a rather large TOK 'Traffic Light'. Further changes the nature of the buildings, the private sector starts and industrial area. Moving across the Oka River in Shchurovsky bridge street here is the October Revolution Street Shchurovsky.

A few words on the street the October Revolution. Overall length – about 13 miles. On the house number is always possible to determine in which area is the proposed premises. So, at home with the numbers 100 170 are in the area of ponds, from 180 to 230 – Old Kolomna, then from 230 to 280 square area is Soviet, the numbers from 350 to 400 – the area Golutvina.