National Parks

Closely together they are the National Parks and their splendid scenes. And all this with a smooth climate that goes up to around 20C. National park of Cairngorn, Aviemore, Scotland. The Highlands (High Earth) Scottish has their own greatness and mysticism, and in good day, there is no more beautiful place in all Great Britain. The hikers more dared they can try with ” Munro Bagging” , a challenge that consists of crowning all tops 910 superiors to mts (munros). Their Lagos and forests, more down, give the option you of calmer strolls.

It tastes the local kitchen or if you have thought to do picnic aprovisinate in Rothiemurchus Farm. The Colorado, Chile the Colorado is a center of ski near Santiago, to 40 km by good routes. Located on the Colorado Hill, in the Mountain range of the $andes, it is a good option to ski during the summer. Next to resorts of the Stack and Snow-covered Valley, it forms the major and better area of ski of all South America. Certainly it will be one more a more interesting experience to tell your return that if you had gone to the Alps, no? Blue Mountains, the New Wales of the South, Australia To only 90 minutes in car from Sydney we found this region, anchored in the Great Dividing Mountain range. The Blue Mountains reaches a height of 1100 meters and thus is called by the great amount of eucalyptuses that there are in the zone, that when giving off their oil to the air produces a bluish mist. The zone it is a virgin national park with a great amount of footpaths and viewpoints.

Katoomba is the main tourist center and the area of visualization of the Three Brothers – famous rock pinnacles on the cliff. Drakensburg mountains, South Africa Patrimony of the Humanity, this mountainous region of 243,000 hectares has been during long time a great attraction for the visitors. The zone counts on abundant protected wild fauna. Safaris is very popular, although you can make senderismo by marked routes, to explore to your own rate, or to see rock art in the caves of Bushman. Another option is to visit the battlefields where British, Zuls and Boer (old Colonising Dutch) they faced, to know something on modern history of South Africa. It finds flights to Johannesburg. National park Kinabalu, Malaysia the central piece of the national park is Monte Kinabalu, the highest tip in the Southeast of Asia. In spite of its height of 4,101 meters, without specialized equipment or much experience, you will be able to arrive at the top if you have a pair of strong legs. Its great variety of fauna and natural flora, inhabiting tropical low earth, rainy forests, and tropical mountain forests, will turn these three days of scaling into a memorable ascent.