Military Dictatorship

The 64 blow of and the Military dictatorship. 2 ed. So Paulo; publishing company: Modern, 2004. We can detach some workmanships edited for the Modern woman editor as: Ethics Globalizada and Sociedade de Consumo, American Genocide, the War of Paraguay, the 64 Blow of and the Military dictatorship, the fights of the Brazilian people, the Discovery the Canudos, the black in Brazil, Of the Senzala to the abolition, Violence in the Field and the Large state and the agrarian reform.

At the moment we will be working ‘ ‘ The 64 Blow of and the Militar’ Dictatorship; ‘ ; Chiavenato searchs to examine the economic one, the society and the politics, pointing the main points that had propitiated the Blow of 64. The 1984 enter 1964, notice that the dictatorship in Brazil destroyed the structure economic and institutionalized the corruption. This book has as base to represent the call ‘ ‘ regimen militar’ ‘ that it was restored in April in the year of 1964. Credencias of the.